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January 2018

  • Dead Suns Unlimited, Session 4

    Dead Suns Unlimited, Session 4

    Klaatu barada nikto – Klaatu (The Day the Earth Stood Still) As we began our session, the crew decided the best course of action would be to scan the Acreon and the Drift Rock. They detected low levels of radiation on the Acreon and could detect no life signs. Scans of the Drift Rock were inconclusive… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns Unlimited, Session 3

    Dead Suns Unlimited, Session 3

    There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men. – Robert A. Heinlein (Starship Troopers) The crew was afforded a few days time before their appointed meeting with His Excellency Gevalarsk Nor and Magistrate Howl to discuss the mediation of the dispute between Astral Excavations and the Hardscrabble Collective. They made the most of… Continue reading