Dead Suns Unlimited, Sessions 6-11, Part 2

The PCs went through a set of elf gates which transported them to Turhalu Point on Ukulam. They were met by Professor Khair al-Huaf who provided them with extra supplies for the expedition and his men transported the PCs 10 miles into Ukulam’s mainland. Castrovellian law prevented them from taking the PCs any further.

Nuil skillfully used her magic (Life Bubble) to protect the group from the heat of Ukulam’s jungles. While this did nullify some of the challenge of this portion of the adventure, it was a very smart use of resources.

A day into the expedition, the PCs spotted a large herd of yaruk. Nuil used her magic to communicate with one of the bulls and learned Eyrub’s group (or “not food” as the bull called them) had passed by a couple days before. As they prepared to depart, a sniper hidden in the distance fired on the bull and grievously harmed it. The bull roared and the herd began to stampede. The group fled for its life and fought their way through a skill challenge to reach a chasm with an ancient stone bridge which provided them refuge from the herd. The PCs could not locate the sniper and continued on.


A few days later, the group located the enormous obelisk which Halkueem Zan had written about during his expedition. As they approached, they were harassed by several kaukariki but the PCs coerced them to leave with offerings of their rations. When they approached the obelisk, the PCs were attacked by a large plant creature and the kaukariki circled back to flank the PCs. Those damned ungrateful critters! The PCs dispatched the threats and investigated the obelisk. They learned it was an ancient outpost for a place called the Temple of the Twelve and was built by ancient Oatian elves who once lived on Castrovel (long before the Lashunta and Formians).


Nuil, accompanied by Canary, climbed to the top of the obelisk and surveyed the surrounding area. She noted the increasingly hilly and mountainous terrain ahead and with alarm realized there was large moldstorm coming down from the mountains to the south. She quickly calculated they group had a couple days but she did not think they could outrun it. She returned to the group and they quickly set off again.

Later in the day, the PCs spotted a ksarik stalking them through the jungle. Wesley was struck by one of the creature’s darts and became infected with its spore. The rest of the group drove the creature away. Wesley was immediately weakened by the malady and they built him a travois so he could rest while they continued on.

In the distance, they heard cries for help and found a lashunta woman named Ralkawi who had also been attacked by the ksarik and was dying from the same affliction as Wesley. She revealed she was a member of Eyrub’s group, although she called him Tahomen, and they were all cultists of the Devourer. Tahomen had experienced visions of a weapon called the Stellar Degenerator and when he saw the holovids of the PCs on the Drift Rock, he recognized the runes from his vision. Investigating he also found references to Halkueem Zan and came to Castrovel to follow the same lead as the PCs. The PCs did not want to help the dying cultist and opted to allow her to end her own life if she so choose. And she did as they walked away.

Knowing what fate waited for Wesley, they decided to no longer race the moldstorm and constructed a shelter where they could tend to Wesley’s affliction. A day passed as they tended to Wesley as the storm passed and when it did, he had finally beaten it with Nuil’s help.

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