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Dead Suns, Session 13

Finally, the PCs had reached the Temple of the Twelve. They snuck around to the northern side of the temple and found an entrance guarded by a mummified Oatian elf who introduced himself as Panelliar. Panelliar told them he was the ancient guardian of this temple and admitted the cultists had bypassed them using Tahomen’s magic. Panelliar was under Tahomen’s control and the elf openly revealed if the PCs came any further, he had no choice but to destroy them. However, he did reveal that Tahomen had taken some of his people and gone up the mountain with what Panelliar described as a “portable altar.” The group inventoried their options and realized they had no means to free Panelliar from Tahomen’s control but they could not abandon their mission. With much regret, they attacked Panelliar. As the battle ensued, Panelliar revealed he was an ancient Solarian who began to pulse with solar energy. His attacks were powerful but he was rusty and the PCs managed to avoid his attack. Thank the dice gods! Before he could go supernova, the PCs managed to defeat him.

Inside the temple, the group noted the ancient glyphs and markings on the floor but spotted the cultists milling about the western side of the inner temple. The PCs attacked and the lead cultist, who named herself as Avissa, pulled out a massive Gatling gun and began to try to mow down the PCs. He PCs charged all the way into battle and realized too late it was a trap. Avissa has been busy setting explosives through the area and with her dying breath she detonated them. The entire western portion of the temple collapsed on top of them and they barely survived.


In the southern portion of the temple, they found Professor Solstrani who was more than ecstatic to learn she had been rescued. She told them Tahomen had knocked her unconscious and was gone when she awoke. The group moved into the inner temple which they realized had originally been a temple devoted to Desna and climbed the central stairs.

From there, they spotted several of the cultists coming back down from the mountaintop. The PCs decided to set an ambush for them and rushed back down to set it up.

Where the mountain pass reached the temple grounds the PCs laid in waiting. The cultists who accomplished by two of Tahomen’s lieutenants named Roadhog and Junkrat (although the PCs never learned their names). The first was a large man who threw a large hook trying to ensnare the PCs and the second bombarded them with explosives. The PCs threw some well-placed sticky bombs and Nuil sent her swarm to harry the cultists. Meanwhile, Wesley dressed TIM-X up with the body of Panelliar which disturbed the cultists to no end when they saw him rush them.

The battle was brutal but in the end, the PCs prevailed. They quickly gathered themselves and decided to head for the mountaintop to end Tahomen for the trouble he had caused them.



I enjoyed using Roadhog and Junkrat but none of the players recognized them. Fortunately, they did recognize them for the threat they were and managed to take them down. Great session!

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