Dead Suns, Session 14

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Bill gained “Inspiration” for pointing out Junkrat and Roadhog from Overwatch, the cultists I added to the module. Don’t worry folks! I rip off all sorts of things for inspiration in our games.

Auto-updating of the token and the character sheets were buggy. I am hoping the official character sheets don’t have that problem.

The group recovered (10 minute rest) and Wesley repaired TIM-X.

The group noticed a (normal) slow moving storm coming in as they climbed the mountain out of the lost city, Loskialua. Wind began to whip around the group as they found a precipice filled with ruins. They see a communications dish attached to the sole standing building. The group spots the cultists standing guard around it and stealths forward but Switch walks through a laser tripwire and the air explodes around him. Roll for initiative!

Switch advances and opens fire hitting one of the cultists (red) with his shirren eye rifle.

Cypher activates his jump jets for the first time. He enjoys the mobility and the sound distracts the red cultist but he never practiced this particular maneuver and shoots wild.

Nuil climbs on top of the structure and through a hole she sees Tahomen transmitting information on a comm console. She decides blasting him is the best course of action and fires!  She hits and now she has Tahomen’s attention, “Hello, little one.” Part of Nuil’s nano-swarm swirls through the hole and surrounds Tahomen while the rest begins moving around the building towards the other threats.


Drez runs forward with his pike drawn (double move) and puts himself in a prime position for the fight.

The red cultists retaliates and CRITS Drez with her defiant longsword. “The Devourer take your soul, vesk!”

Ryder moves forward to the base of the stairs and clever feints the red cultist. He then shoots her in the back and kills her.

The blue cultist runs forward crying out to her fallen ally. She slashes at Drez but he deftly parries her attack.

Wesley and TIM-X move forward and prep for their next chance to act.

Meanwhile, Nictus (a lamerta cultist who was hiding in the shadows) sneaks up to flank the group and blasts Wesley with his sleek-looking holdout blaster. “Hehehe, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, Wesley!” Nictus’ drone, Shiver, emerges from hiding and fires a sonic “toilet” blaster.

The green cultist swings her defiant longsword at Drez but his defenses are too great.

Tahomen rushes out of the structure, see Drez, and uses his mystic arts to inflict psychic pain on the Vesk. With a single word, “pain,” he dredged up one of Drez’ most painful memories.

Billy does his best Switch impression, changes targets, and attacks Nictus. He rips through the lamerta with his curved carbon steel blade, almost killing him.

Quote of the night, “I can yell it now if it makes you happy.”

Cypher jump jets onto the roof of the building and manages to actually shoot his target. He hits the blue cultist square in the chest causing her grievous harm.

Nuil inches just close enough to toss a shock grenade. I accidentally short changed her and only applied the damage to Tahomen but all three cultists were in the blast radius. I’ll make it up to you! 😀

Drez smashes the blue cultist with his pike and drops her. He then swings around to hit the green cultist but she blocks the attack.

Ryder clever feints Nictis and then shoots him, dropping the lamerta cultist to 1 hit point. The One Hit Point Wonders strike again!

Wesley sees the perfect spot to toss a grenade and hits it. Once again, I forgot the correct blast radius of the grenade because Switch would have been in range of the blast as well. Nevertheless, the blast drops Nictis.

The green cultist feebly attacks Drez and misses. She then moves over to close the distance between herself and Ryder.

Tahomen moves back and spots Cypher and Nuil. He summons a forcedisk and launches it at them. The disk slams into Nuil, bounces and hits Cypher, bounces and misses Wesley.

Switch double moves into melee and provokes an attack of opportunity. However, she was not ready for him and misses.

Cypher jump jets and pops Tahomen. He performs a perfect superhero landing.

Nuil climbs down and uses an old port window to fire on Tahomen from cover. She blasts him and continues to whittle him down.

Drez jump jets and lands on Tahomen. He slams the cult leader (bull rush) and shoves him off the cliffside. Tahomen slams into the ground and has the wind knocked out of him. The cultist is in pain but is impressed.

Ryder raced past the green cultist and then blasted her with a ghetto crit!

Wesley and TIM-X fire on the green cultist and mow her down, “And it’s Starcrusher!”

Coughing blood, Tahomen releases a nanostream of caustic acid and tries to cover Drez but the vesk is too quick and dodges the attack.

Billy reminds me he is bleeding so we catch up on the damage he was taking.

Switch climbs one of the ruined walls and shoots Tahomen with his shirren eye rifle. The cult leader reels and stumbles.

Wesley catches up on his missed move action and trips a second tripwire hidden on the north side of the ruins. He throws himself to the side and spares himself some of the damage. “Found it!” “Good job, Wesley!”

Cypher jump jets up to the ruined parapets but he is still trying to master this new combat technique and missed Tahomen.

Nuil runs up to Drez and does some quick first aid, closing his bleeding wounds.

Drez drops on Tahomen again but the cultist was ready and he blocks the attack.

Ryder peeks around the top of the ruins and pings Tahomen again, widdling away at his life.

Wesley fires valiantly from the flank but misses and TIM-X rushes forward to help Wesley block the path out of the north side of the ruins.

Tahomen takes a guarded step away from Drez but Drez “steps up” in response. The cultist begins to cast hurl forcedisk and Drez swings on him but misses. The attack causes Tahomen to throw the disk wild.

Switch aims carefully and attempts to finish off Tahomen with his sniper rifle, and… rolls a 1.

Cypher blasts Tahomen again but the cultist manages to hang on!

Nuil fires her dart run at the cultist and it imbedds it in his throat. He gasps but keeps fighting!

Drez grabs Tahomen by the back of the head, yells, “Eat horn!” He then bead butts the cultist and crushes the villain’s skull.

The BBEG’s corpse has not even gone cold when Nuil quickly warns the group about the comm device and a message sent by Tahomen. Cypher rushes in, recognizes the comm unit, and hacks into it (cutting past the firewall). The hacker realizes Tahomen had purged his correspondence but Cypher is able to retrieve the data. In the transmission, Tahomen reveals at the temple he learned of a weapon called a Stellar Degenerator which “could achieve the goals of the Cult of the Devourer and wipe life from this miserable universe.” He identified a twelve star constellation which marks the location of the Stellar Degenerator but to find the constellation one must first find something called The Gate of the Twelve Suns. There was some information about where to start looking for the gate but that data was corrupted beyond retrieval. However, Cypher finds rough coordinates to where Tahomen had sent the transmission to. Nuil crunches the numbers and realizes the location is in the Diaspora, the asteroid belt which circles the Pact Worlds System.

The Diaspora is immense and various parts of it are used for mining, vacation spots, hives of scum and villainy, and the most infamous portion is the territory of the Free Captain, SPACE PIRATES! ARRRRRRRRRR!

Nuil studies the nano-slime Tahomen used to attack Drez and identifies it the caustic conversion spell.


D-Suit I w/ mk 1 Thermal Capacitor

Liquidator Disintegrator Pistol 1d10 acid 15′ range 20 charges 2 use Bulk Light

Psychic Booster

Biotech Eagle Eyes

Psychic Wave Cannon

A ship appears on the horizon and Detective Nipci comes across the comm units. He tells them they have been trying to reach the crew when suddenly a city popped up on the defense satellites. When the explosion was set off by Avissa, it must have disrupted whatever was cloaking the city.

Soon after the site becomes a hive of activity as the Qabarat University mobilizes to study the newly discovered city of Loskialua.

The crew catches a ride back to Qabarat and finds a present waiting for them. The Starfinder Society has requisitioned upgrades for the Raza and the crew sets to the task of pimping their ride.


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