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Dead Suns, Session 19

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We reminisce about an earlier time in Cypher’s life when he ran with an organization called The Guild and a previous ward of his named Li Shao-Sho. Not one to talk much about his past, Cypher recalls the last time he saw the young woman during a botched job. The pair decided to part ways and Cypher hasn’t seen Li in years.

As the crew arrives at Absalom Station, they find themselves in Docking Bay 47 (minor retcon on location from the last session). Michael couldn’t join us for this session so Wesley remained with the Raza and worked on implementing the upgrades the group had previously decided on. This became a very important point in the story at the end of the session. The group recapped their holoskin disguises for their visit. Ryder had already established himself as Captain Zsa Zsa Gabore. Nuil became a neon purple/lavender skittermander named YAYAYAYAYAYAYA or Stitch, still to be decided. Cypher became a dwarf named Mickey. Drez became a grizzled, older Vesk named Draz. Switch (poor Matt hadn’t gotten online yet) became a shirren exotic dancer and Wesley became a female eoxian.

As the crew met the dock security, Captain Gabore/Ryder introduced herself and tried to talk her way past the guards as a representative for her husband. Cypher/Mickey quickly caught on to what Ryder was doing and realized the group would need a digital trail to reinforce their disguises. He remotely sliced into the guard’s datapad (after rolling a crit on the check!) and created an all-points memo from Director-General Lin Camulan indicating Captain Gabore is on Absalom Station as an ambassador and should be afforded all possible accommodations.

I tempted the crew with the opportunities that Absalom Station offers but they didn’t bite the hook. Almost everyone wanted to go straight to the Lorespire Complex to avoid any trouble (and in the words of Bill, it was time to fight some stuff and roll some dice). So the group grabbed a Space Uber (or Suber) and after a couple hours in traffic found themselves at the headquarters of the Starfinder Society. The crew met with Chiskick and began catching him up on their activities.

NOTE: The next time we engage in starship combat, BRING THE PAIN! The group is ready for the challenge.

Chiskisk is dismayed to hear the group has encountered evidence the Corpse Fleet is involved in this matter. He is equally concerned to learn there is a bounty on the crew. 15,000 for each of them and 30,000 credits for Switch. his bounty also references crimes on the planet Aballon and involvement with a group known as the Android Abolitionist Front. Chiskick provides the crew with a contact on Eox, Waneda Trux, who works at the Ministry of Eternal Vigilance which is responsible for reporting all Corpse Fleet activity to the Pact Council. She is stationed in the city of Orphys in a district called the Splice. The crew asks Chiskisk to pass credentials for Captain Gabore and her crew to Waneda Trux.

The crew went to the archives and cross referenced information on the Cult of the Devourer and the Corpse Fleet. What information was available indicated they possessed opposed worldviews and the more likely scenario is they were opposing each other. So the group decided to learn more about Nyara. Nyara was a spiritual masochist who would use pain to invoke visions which she believed came from the Devourer. The Starfinder Society put little stock in her visions but it seems there may have been something to her words. Finally, they look up the Stellar Degenerator and find a few, obscure references to an ancient starkiller weapon of mass destruction. As far as they can tell, the weapon was only used once although they cannot find who deployed it. They find no information about the creators and specifically target the Maltur to see if Nuil’s creators had anything to do with the weapon. The only hit is the report Chiskisk added to the archive referencing the runes found on the Drift Rock by the PCs.

Chiskisk gives 2,500 credits to each PC. Ryder opts to substitute part of his pay for UPBs. I tried to tempt the group to do some shopping but once again, no luck. They’re getting wise to my tricks!

Cypher received a warning from Clara-247.

Message for Cypher from Clara-247 02

Someone was able to hack through his encryption and a group of bounty hunters knew the PCs were on Absalom Station. Cypher quickly let the group know they needed to move fast and get off Absalom Station. The crew debates what to do and decides the best plan of action. They were sure they could not return to Docking Bay 47 so they decided to contact Wesley and have him pilot the Raza to another location, Docking Bay 86 (after considering a number of other plans).

Their plan worked. The crew quickly departed from Absalom Station and prepped for the Drift jump to Eox. Their navigation calculations were off and while they successfully reached Eox, it took them 8 days to make the trip.

Eoxian Aerospace Control proved droll but accommodating and the crew found themselves landing in the city of Orphys and then wandering on foot towards the Splice district. The Splice is an industrial sector known for the mass manufacturing of necrografts, flesh, and necro-weaponry. The crew found their way to the Ministry of Eternal Vigilance and met with Waneda Trux. She was not thrilled to be helping “breathers” but she saw no reason not to cooperate with agents of the Starfinder Society. Before their arrival (because she had 8 days to prep), she had scoured all of the recent reports and identified 2 reports which she thought might have some credence to them.​

Handout #1

Handout #2

​The crew reviews the reports and decides to investigate the report by Voxel Darksend at the Fleshworn Fabrications. At the factory, the PCs meet with Voxel and begin questioning him about his report. Voxel isn’t much help but he does give the PCs access to the facility’s closed caption video system and the location from which the vat was stolen. The PCs review the video and find strange anomalies as something entered the facility. They recall a number of reasons for the distortions but need more clues to determine what happened there. At the location of the missing vat, they find some biological evidence and Nuil identified it as the bony spurs of the arms of a marrowblight. A marrowblight could have also created the distortions on the video. Fairly confident the crew decides to start hunting the creature.


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