The Zen Game Master

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December 2018

  • Dead Suns, Session 21

    Dead Suns, Session 21

    To watch the game session on YouTube, visit ​Kymber joined the group and is playing Zaleria (female human solarian who grew up with the Free Captains). Note: We spent a little bit making a cooler token for Nuil’s nano-swarms. It took a couple iterations but the group picked a cool pic. Stephen did a… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns, Session 20

    Dead Suns, Session 20

    To watch the game session on YouTube, visit ​Nuil, Drez, and Switch take the crew’s surplus gear to be sold. Cypher, Ryder, and Wesley continue the investigation and heads to the flat to meet Gretal who reported her roommate. They are wary of the dangers in the Splice and they keep a constant vigil… Continue reading