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February 2019

  • Dead Suns – Session 25

    Dead Suns – Session 25

    You can watch the video on YouTube at ​Nuil rushed to tend to Kiram wounds. Kiram explained he was keeping watch over the entrance to the Temple Found under Tyzael’s orders. He had seen Hoyfeq plead with Xavra to reopen the doors of the Temple Found but the crazed huntmaster still refused. Kiram confessed… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns – Session 24 – Part 2

    Dead Suns – Session 24 – Part 2

    Watch this game session on YouTube at The crew sorts through the data left in the museum’s systems and pieces together a history of the kishaleen and Istamak. Grab your favorite beverage and a snack. It’s story time! Thousands of years ago, the kishaleen were surveying Nejeor VI for its invaluable gas resources when… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns – Session 24 – Part 1

    Dead Suns – Session 24 – Part 1

    You can watch this game session on YouTube at With the threat of the snake beasts dealt with the PCs begin to investigate the entrance to the Vault of Tales. They find more of the charcoal drawings, a ruined ticket booth, and a sealed set of double doors. Above the doors hung a sign… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns, Session 23

    Dead Suns, Session 23

    Watch the game session on YouTube at The two maltur on the docks drew their archaic looking weapons and rushed towards the PCs. They babbled in a language Nuil recognized as a vulgar form of the maltur language she knew from her childhood. Nuil quickly cast a spell on Ryder enabling him to understand… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns, Session 22

    Dead Suns, Session 22

    You can watch the game session on YouTube at ​Cypher easily hacked the datapad he found on Captain Vesh and recovered the missing bits of data from the recordings on Asteroid K9204. On the way back to the spaceport they decided to make some quick purchases. Nuil made some healing “bombs.” The crew knew… Continue reading