Dead Suns, Session 23

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The two maltur on the docks drew their archaic looking weapons and rushed towards the PCs. They babbled in a language Nuil recognized as a vulgar form of the maltur language she knew from her childhood. Nuil quickly cast a spell on Ryder enabling him to understand the maltur as well. “Demons,” they called the PCs. The group tried to calm the maltur down but the sentries insisted the “demons” must leave. This was Hoyfeq’s orders after the “demons” had attacked and took their temple from them, “The Temple Found has been desecrated by you!” The maltur raised a spear to attack and Switch stepped between his allies and the aggressors. Nuil quickly convinced the maltur the PCs were not like the others.

The maltur guards explain the demons had left already but Hoyfeq believed more would return and posted guards here to watch for them. They further explain that after the demons left Xavra went into the Temple Found and took control of it. Nuil asked if there was anything the PCs could do to help. The guard explained he could not take them to Hoyfeq but he could take them to someone named Tyzael but only if they left their weapons behind on their ship. Nuil made a show of leaving her weapons behind while others hid some of their arms (cheek pockets, gloves of storing, etc). The guard explained he could not take them to Hoyfeq but because they “disarmed” themselves he could take them to Tyzael who would explain everything.

As they walked through the ruined spaceport Nuil spots a neon sign which flashes in perfect maltur, “Welcome to Istamak.” Nuil asked about the maltur and the maltur says they had no maltur left in Istamak.​ He said they had legends of the maltur but there was no need for the makers there. Nuil explained that the maltur had visited her planet and left a long ago. He suggested Tyzael might know more. Nuil thanked him and asked him his name to which the guard replied, “Zim.”

He led them through the spaceport and out into the city. The entire place was in ruins and they could tell it had been this way for quite some time. Although the damage was not so bad that Nuil could not recognize architectural features similar to those on her home planet. Nuil asked if the demons caused the damage and Zim explained their world was an old one and these were the ruins of his ancestors. Nuil asked if the maltur created Zim’s people but he explained the maltur had created the buildings and mechanical devices but not the people. He was still somewhat confused by her questions. The group began to wonder if the maltur were not a race but were instead a profession that some members of this race practiced.

On the way, Zim steered wide of a large building and Ryder questioned him about the detour. Zim explained that place was called the Giant’s Bounty and was once a good place to forage but hunters reported it had become infested by large and dangerous beasts.

In the distance, the group heard the sounds go battle and cresting a ridge they spotted a battle on a decrepit bridge crossing a steep ravine. On the far side of the bridge, two groups of people like Zim were engaged in a skirmish. Zim pointed out Tyzael and begged the PCs to help her. He called his side the “outcasts” which Ryder immediately questioned. Zim insisted there was no time for questions and once again begged them to help. Wesley dramatically unleashed TIM-X and ordered him to attack. The combat drone ran up and laid down cover fire for Zim’s allies.


Nuil cried out to Tyzael but was met with confusion. The lamerta technomancer then summoned her nanite-swarm in the midst of the bad guys. The bad guys retreat from TIM-X and the summoned swarm and begin firing arrows at targets from a safe distance. One of the arrows slams into Nuil (critical hit). The pain broke her concentration and her nanite-swarm disappeared. More arrows were fired but missed their marks.

Ryder advanced and chided Nuil into getting back into the fight (envoy; restored some of her stamina). Wesley ordered TIM-X to fire the drone’s grappler into the ground next to Tyzael. Nuil yelled for Tyzael to grab the grappling hook. Still wondering about the lamerta, Tyzael decided to comply and TIM-X quickly reeled her in and away from danger. Then Wesley opened fire on the bad guys to add insult to their injury.

Tyzael quickly demonstrated she was not completely helpless as she and telekinetically threw rocks at her foes.

Switch charged across the battlefield and before he realized what was happening the decrepit bridge collapsed underneath him. He tumbled into the ravine below and was partially buried by falling rock.

Cypher pulled a pistol from his cheek pouch and moved into range to trick attack and fire on the closest bad guy. He scored a critical hit and drew aggro from the rest of the bad guys (critical hit deck effect).

Nuil could not bring herself to attack her “creators” yet so she summoned a second nanite-swarm to use as a distraction. Between Cypher and Nuil, the bad guys lost their nerve and retreated from the battle.

TIM-X fired his grappler down into the new rubble below the bridge and helped to free Switch. Meanwhile, Nuil and Ryder began tending to the wounded. Wesley forgot Zim could not understand him and he began his pitch for Star Crusher Artisanal Weaponry. Zim displayed confusion but Wesley mistook it for encouragement and he continued the show. While Nuil checked the fallen on the other side of the broken bridge she found a technological device on one of them she recognized as an Instinctive Stabilizer. The device was a handheld techno-magical device which could be used to automatically succeed on a first aid check if the user is trained in medicine and with a bonus if not.

Tyzael watched all of this activity with interest and nodded approvingly. She commented on how they resembled the “demons” but she could tell they were not like them. Nuil remarked how she was confused and mentioned the maltur. Tyzael responded that she knew the legends of the maltur and when Nuil further inquired for clarification she explained her people were called the kish and the maltur were also the kish. Ryder explained that the maltur had created Nuil’s people. Tyzael was not surprised to hear the maltur had done such a thing. The legends indicated they were capable of great medical miracles.

Nuil finally introduced the PCs to Tyzael and the rest of the kish. When Cypher was introduced, Tyzael recalled there were two others like Cypher with the demons and they were quite unpleasant. She told the story of how the demons arrived in a metal cloud and landed in the lichen farms. They met with her chieftain, Hoyfeq, and soon after forcing their way into the Temple Found. Shortly after the demons returned to their cloud and left Istamak.

After the violent encounter, Huntmaster Xavra believed more of the demons would return and he entered the Temple Found and sealed the doors. Tyzael insisted Xavra open the doors again and hounded Hoyfeq to order Xavra to open the Temple Found again to the people. Hoyfeq grew tired of Tyzael and grove her out of the tribe calling her an outcast. Some of the people left with her and became outcasts as well. Tyzael led her new people and found a safe place. She recalled how Hoyfeq had once been strong and would have retaken the Temple Found but now perhaps Xavra would become the new chieftain. While the controlled the temple, this was their inevitable fate. The power of their ancestors sealed the doors to the temple and Xavra had control of that power.

Tyzael told the PCs they could continue to talk but asked if she could take her people back to their new abode. The two groups leave and head towards the outcast’s home. As they approach their destination Nuil spotted a sign which read, “Cloudside Condominiums.” Painted on the entrance to the abode is the symbol of Talavet, a goddess Nuil recognizes from the Golarian system.

Inside the rest of the outcasts rush to greet Tyzael and shower her with concern. She insists she is fine. When they notice the PCs they shrink away, especially from Cypher. Tyzael explains that two of the demons looked like Cypher and they were able to control the ruined technology of Istamak and used it against the kish.

The PCs discussed the kish’s ancestors with Tyzael and eventually, she asked if they would like to commune with her ancestors. She told them they must go to the Vault of Tales (also known as the Maze of Ghosts) and if they were worthy the ancestors of the kish would speak with them. She promised to show them the way if they promised to speak with Hoyfeq to help resolve their current dilemma.

Tyzael led the group to the Vault of Tales and while they travelled she mentioned a place called the House of Renewal which Nuil might find interesting. There the maltur had left them wonders that could heal and alter the bodies of the kish if the ancestors allowed. The group decides they do want to investigate that location but not before they complete their primary goal at the Temple Found.

They arrived at the Vault of Tales and the PCs recognize this location as a museum of sorts and based on the imagery outside the building probably held holograms with which they could communicate. The building was also covered in charcoal drawings drawn by the kish honoring their ancestors.

The PCs moved into the rubble surrounding the entrance of the facility and spot a pair of snake-like creatures attacking from both sides. Nuil did not recognize the particular species but she had seen others like it and warned the others it probably had some kind of constricting attack. Tyzael pleaded with the PCs to leave. The presence of the creatures indicated the ancestors had not found them worthy.


Nuil refused to back down and conjured a trio of magic missiles which slammed into the closest creature.

Cypher used his jump jets to put some distance between himself and the snakes. Not one to leave others to fight he turned, used his trick attack against one of the creatures, and blasted it with his laser pistol.

Switch drew his bone blade and attacked the closest target but his blade slid across the scaly hide of the monster. It snapped back at the android and bit into Switch’s shoulder. The creature wrapped itself around Switch’s body and began to constrict him.

Seeing Switch in danger, Wesley sent TIM-X but the done also could not penetrate the armored hide of the creature. Wesley rushed in and tried to blast the snake but it twisted around dodged the attack.

The second snake rushed Cypher, bit into the ysoki’s side, and wrapped itself around him.

Nuil quickly cast a grease spell on Cypher and he slipped free of the grasp of the snake. She then retreated up the western wall of the entrance to avoid attack by the snakes.

Cypher used his jump jets to escape but the snake nips him as he escapes. He used his trick attack and fired on the snake but misses.

Meanwhile, Switch tried to stab the snake while grappled but the android couldn’t land a good attack while grappled. The snake retaliates by squeezing the android tight causing bludgeoning damage.

Wesley commanded TIM-X to bash the snake holding Switch but the drone fails to hit the creature again. Then Wesley misses as well.

The battle continues to rage. Nuil realized she could neutralize the snake’s most dangerous ability by casting grease on the creature. Covered in the magically conjured grease it finds it can no longer grapple and constrict its prey. TIM-X moves in on the crippled creature and smashes its hammer into the mouth of the monster (crit) smashing out its teeth.

The remaining creature fled. Tyzael thanked the PCs as the creatures would have easily killed any of the kish who had come here to commune with the ancestors.


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