Dead Suns – Session 24 – Part 2

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The crew sorts through the data left in the museum’s systems and pieces together a history of the kishaleen and Istamak.

Grab your favorite beverage and a snack. It’s story time!

Thousands of years ago, the kishaleen were surveying Nejeor VI for its invaluable gas resources when they discovered numerous floating earth motes within the atmosphere of the world. They claimed the largest of these motes and decided to build facilities which would allow them easy access to the planet’s gases for mining. A few enterprising maltur (the engineers and innovators of the kishaleen) were inspired to create a manufacturing facility where they could create technological wonders like their people had never seen before. They called facility the Foundry and for a thousand years, they fulfilled this dream.

The Kishaleen Empire spread far and wide and eventually came into contact with an equally powerful empire deep in what is now known as the Vast called the Sivv. Initial contact and diplomatic relations did go well between the two empires and conflict erupted. This grew into a full-blown war which lasted hundreds of years.

Until the fateful day when the Sivv devoted most of their resources to build a weapon and they called that weapon the Stellar Degenerator. It was a weapon capable of destabilizing a solar unit within minutes which would destroy an entire solar system. Kishaleen spies learned about the Stellar Degenerator and a massive offensive was launched before the Sivv could use their weapon against the Kishaleen. The superweapon was captured and brought to Nejeor VI where it could be studied. The Sivv had overextended its resources to build the weapon and when it was stolen their empire imploded on itself. The empire was crippled and the war came to an end.

The Kishaleen studied the weapon and mastered its technologies. Soon they began to augment the weapon and added their own technology to it. The weapon became a symbol of their power but it remained unused for hundreds of years. Their empire continued to grow and in time they came into conflict with another great galactic empire called the Veskarium. The Kishaleen tried to fight the Vesk traditionally but losses soon reminded them of the heavy cost of the war with the Sivv. The Vesk were superior warriors and the Kishaleen were being swept aside.

A decision was made and the Stellar Degenerator was flown into the heart of the Veskarium where it was deployed. The system’s sole star was instantly destroyed by the superweapon and the system’s planets, each one inhabited by the Vesk, were thrown from their gravitational orbits. Trillions of lives were lost in the chaos and the Kishaleen were devastated by what they had done.

The Kishaleen vowed to never again use the weapon and would have destroyed it if not for the strong voices of a few military minded individuals. What if the Kishaleen encountered another force which threatened to destroy them? What if their very way of life was in jeopardy? The vocal minority insisted the weapon should not be destroyed but should instead be hidden and locked away. So the Kishaleen used their great technology to create a gate to a demiplane in which they hid the Stellar Degenerator. They called it the Gate of the Twelve Stars.

In time, the Kishaleen empire waned like all empires do and it grew smaller and smaller. The Maltur left the rest of their people on a great crusade to create a new civilization elsewhere. There came a day when the empire finally fell and the city of Istamak found itself cut off. Some fled the city but others remained. Lacking the knowledge of the Maltur and the ability to leave the city, their world began to crumble around them.

Very little was documented from this point on but it has been thousands of years since the fall of the Kishaleen.

Drez recalled the history of his people was well documented for a seven thousand year span before the Gap. Before that was a dark time in history where very little is known other than the Vesk journeyed from some other location and arrived at the planet which is now known as the homeworld of the Veskarium.

Finding no additional information, the group continued searching for the museum. While they searched, Switch spotted another secret panel in the wall which opened a secret door. Through it, they found a maintenance tunnel which ran the length of the halls of the museum. Buried in the dusty tunnel they find an old cache of goods which includes a haste circuit, an 8th level shock fusion seal, a snub scatter gun with 16 shells, and a mk 2 null space chamber.

Nuil found a kishaleen datapad behind the cache. She studied it and picked up some technomagic vibes from the device. She studied it and realized she could use it as a spell cache and cast 2 level 3 technomancer spells from it (player’s choice).

Also on the datapad was a voice comm which said, “Chief Technology Officer here at Securitech. Our customer service rep received your message about *static* and I assure we take your concerns seriously here. An admin copy of your key code resides on the service in the Foundry. It cannot be accessed from outside that internal terminal or from the Securitech offices but the one we have is only a 24-hour key. Your key hasn’t been accessed in over a year but that was a normal maintenance *static*” The messaged ended.

As they left the facility Nuil insisted on restarting the hologram systems. She respected it as a holy site for the kish and she quickly scrubbed the system to remove the corruption from their programming. The site would be much safer for the kish to visit in the future.

Outside Tyzael greeted them warmly and asked if they learned what they came here to learn. Nuil informed the mystic she had made the place a bit safer and Tyzael was ecstatic to hear that news.

The group continued on its way to the Foundry. Roughly twenty minutes later they began to hear cries for help in the distance. Nuil suggested Wesley send Canary forward to scout for the source of the trouble. In some ruins beside the road, Wesley spots a wounded kish bleeding out. Tyzael recognized the kish as Vib, one of her scouts she had sent to keep an eye on the Temple Found but had not reported in the last couple days.


Drez insisted the group split up to approach the injured kish. They snuck ahead and spotted a pair of enormous winged creatures with light wings and eyes covering their bodies. Nuil had never seen this species before but she identified them being similar to a predatory bird called sharpwings. It is immediately evident the predators had spotted the PCs and were watching them closely.

Wesley tried to communicate with Tyzael but was grossly misunderstood. Nuil heard vows and language reminiscent of mating rituals across voice comms and suddenly young Star Crusher was not very engaged in the effort to save the injured kish.

Despite the dangers, the group moved forward. The sharpwings dropped from their perches and swooped quickly towards the PCs. Cypher activated his hologram clones and conjured four of them!

Switch and Cypher had readied for the attack and took shots at the sharpwings as they descended.


One of the sharpwings bit Drez and ripped a chunk out of his armor. The vesk warrior immediately retaliated with a [readied] attack but his assault bounced off the tough hide of the beast. Nuil quickly summoned her magic and blasted the same sharpwing with magic missiles. Even with its natural armor it could not resist her magic.

Ryder clung to the ruined walls around them for cover and fired his trusty pistol at the same sharpwing.

Cypher activated his jump jets and landed on top of one of the ruined walls to get a better vantage point. He summoned holographic images to flitter through the air to distract the sharpwing attacking Switch. He followed this up with a blast from his laser pistol but missed as well.

Wesley unloaded with his thunderstrike streetsweeper rifle and shot the same creature targeted by Switch and Cypher.

The sharpwing leapt away from Switch [without provoking an attack] and lands next to Ryder. The creature attacks viciously but only managed to hit with a single claw attack, drawing blood from the envoy.

Drez loses himself in bloodlust and throws everything he had at the sharpwing. The creature deflected one of the attacks and ate the other one. The sharpwing leaps away from the vesk, lands next to Wesley and mauls him with a claw before leaping away again to safely on a ruined wall north of the group.

Nuil followed the beast and smashed it again with a trio of magic missiles.

On the other side of the battle, Switch charged the other beast and impales it with his sword.

Ryder stays under cover but positioned himself to take a shot at the sharpwing Switch had wounded. The creature was looking quite battered and the envoy hoped he could finish it off. The sharpwing stumbled but managed to stay on its feet.

Not wanting to leave Nuil to face one of the creatures alone, he conjured another holographic distraction around the sharpwing up on the wall. His attack bloodied the monster.

Wesley tried to use TIM-X’s grappler to ensnare the same sharpwing but barely missed.

The other sharpwing leapt away from Switch and landed next to Ryder. It viciously ripped into the envoy and nearly killed him with its flurry of attacks. It also ripped a claw through Ryder’s semi-auto pistol but barely damaged it.

Drez rushed to Ryder aide and crushed the sharpwing ending its life. The vesk then handed Ryder a healing serum.

The remaining sharpwing leapt over the group and landed next to Wesley. It slashed poor Wesley and bloodied the poor mechanic.

Nuil rushed to Ryder and started to apply first aid.

Switch maneuvered himself into position and readied an attack for when the sharpwing moved in to attack.

Despite being mortally wounded, Ryder moved forward and blasted the sharpwing before retreating again to cover.

Ryder leapt up to the top of another wall, distracted the sharpwing again, and fired wide of his target.

Wesley ordered TIM-X to leap high into the air and at the apex of the jump TIM-X began to tumble. However, Wesley managed to get a shot off at the sharpwing but missed.

Drez deftly maneuvered through the walls and charged with his nova lance. He impaled the beast with the weapon but it clung to life. It leapt away from the vesk and landed next to Cypher and Switch. The android used his readied action and cut the sharpwing down before it could attack.

With the danger passed, Nuil tended to everyone’s wounds.

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