Dead Suns – Session 25

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​Nuil rushed to tend to Kiram wounds. Kiram explained he was keeping watch over the entrance to the Temple Found under Tyzael’s orders. He had seen Hoyfeq plead with Xavra to reopen the doors of the Temple Found but the crazed huntmaster still refused. Kiram confessed he believed Hoyfeq had grown weak and Xavra was now the leader of their people. Tyzael believed Hoyfeq was ashamed he had lost control and unjustly drove Tyzael away from the tribe when she forced the issue. Tyzael revealed herself as a mystic and healed Karim’s remaining wounds.

While the group debated what to do next Nuil studied the corpses of the sharpwings and gathered 174 Bio UBPs.

Cypher Quote: “That’s your plan!?! That’s not even 12% of a plan!”

Ryder asked where they could find Hoyfeq and Tyzael said they would find him at the Temple Found or north of there at Hearth.

Wesley Quote: “I think Ryder’s got the gentle touch.”

The group completed its trek to the Temple Found and spotted two warriors standing guard. They noticed the guards were not watching the road as much as they were watching the doors to the temple. Wesley launched Canary to scout the exterior of the temple which drew the attention of the sentries. The effort was not a loss as the young mechanic identified numerous air ducts on the roof of the temple.

The warriors know Tyzael and confront her (and the demons she brought with her). The mystic insisted they should not allow this conflict to divide them but the warriors did not trust the PCs. Fortunately, Nuil managed to convince them the PCs were not the same of the cultists. However, they insisted the group go speak with Hoyfeq.

The group continued their trek and decided to find a place to get some serious rest. At the base level of a building northwest of the Temple Found they found a defensible nook they could shelter in.

Before they sheltered, Wesley noticed one of the warriors from outside the Temple Found had followed them. The PCs brazenly called out their stalker and Wesley/TIM-X fired a warning shot which scared the warrior off.

While resting, Tyzael casts a powerful spell enabling all of the PCs to communicate with the kish. She informed them Talavet had recently blessed her with the knowledge of this spell. At the time, she had not understood while her goddess would share this particular spell with her but she now believed it had been bestowed on her to help the PCs.

Tyzael Quote: “All must prove their worth to the ancestors.”

The group asked her about Istamak, in particular, if her people slept for the entire night. She said they do not and she mused that is one of the mysteries she wondered about. Her people do not follow the cycles of their home. She asked the ancestors about this once and they told her about a people called the Kishaleen but she did not understand most of what they told her.

Eight hours later the sky is still dark but the PCs are well rested. They continued their journey to Hearth. As they approached the settlement, Nuil asked how many people lived there. Tyzael told her there were several hundred in Hearth. Cypher followed this up and asked, “How many are locked up in the temple?” Tyzael admitted she did not know how many hunter Xavra had taken into the temple with him. The operative wondered if Tyzael’s people could take Xavra if the PCs would get the temple open but Tyzael did not believe so. She thought Xavra would have taken the best of her people’s hunters with her and taking the temple by force would be costly in lives. The group decided to stick to their plan of action and speak with Hoyfeq to ask for his help.

Sentries stopped the PCs as they approached Hearth. Once again, Tyzael was informed she was not welcome and the sentries were horrified to see her with the “demons” who had attacked them and defiled the temple. The PCs explained (again) they were not the cultists and eventually convinced the sentries to take a request to Hoyfeq for an audience.

Nuil Quote: “Look, four arms. Not the demons!”

While the group waited for Hoyfeq, the PCs questioned Tyzael more about the situation and the “demons” who came before them. The PCs also told Tyzael a bit about the Devourer who the cultists worshipped.

Hoyfeq, the aged and battle worn chieftain, arrived and stopped 50 yards from the group. He admonished Tyzael for returned to Hearth. She explained she had brought the PCs to help and Hoyfeq bristled at being challenged again. Ryder spoke to the chieftain and Hoyfeq grew angry that Tyzael had shared the kish’s language with them. Ryder bluffed the chieftain and told a story about a prophet who sent them to reunite all of Hoyfeq’s people. He asked for Hoyfeq’s blessing. Hoyfeq, a prideful leader, lied and said he had ordered Xavra to keep the door to the temple shut. He did not like the PCs and he did not want anyone’s help. Cypher called him on his bluff.

Nuil explained the demons had taken a dangerous weapon from the temple, one which could destroy stars. Hoyfeq denied this as a foolish tale. Nuil grew frustrated and Ryder pled for Hoyfeq to take a wiser approach.

HoyfeqFinally, Hoyfeq dropped the façade and admitted he had grown old and weak. He told the group there was a way to open the doors to the Temple Found past down from chieftain to chieftain. There was a place in the Broken Lands where the chieftain could retrieve “magic words” from the ancestors which could open the doors. When he shared this hidden secret, he passed the role of chieftain to Tyzael. He admitted he was too old to make the journey but Tyzael’s allies should be able to survive it.

Cypher Quote: “The Broken Lands? Why is it never the Happy Lands? The Candy Lands? Why is it never the lands of rainbows and puppies?”

On the PCs map, Hoyfeq showed them one of the floating rocks in the northwest corner of Istamak. Ryder wondered aloud if the group should retreat to their ship. This confused Hoyfeq and Ryder explained that once the kish flew in ships like the PCs. Hoyfeq was not sure he believed the tale.

The PCs returned to the Raza to find the gangplank is down and the ship is in disarray. They checked the ship’s systems and discovered Li Shao-Sho managed to free herself. She rummaged through the ship until she found her gear. In a secret compartment in the butt of her rifle, she retrieved more of the drugs she had grown addicted to. She injected herself and then left the ship, disappearing into Istamak. Ryder used the ship’s sensors to scan Istamak but could not locate the wayward bounty hunter. The group debated what to do. In the end, they decided to rely on Tyzael’s hunters to track Li. More than anything, they did not want Li to ruin the work they had already done.

The PCs dropped Tyzael off at Cloudside to begin the hunt for Li and they continued on to the Broken Lands. They quickly found their way to the designated island and circle it. They find there is nowhere to land their ship. Switch maneuvered the ship in close enough for the PCs to drop onto the island. Zaleria and Drez stayed in the ship.

The PCs who ventured onto the island found a building covered in white mold with a sign labeled Securitech. The air is filled with a sweet honey-like smell. Nuil decided to take some samples from the mold (36 Bio-UBPs and the trait Angry). She took a moment to study the mold but did not recognize it’s species (failed check).

The group had the environmental protections of their armor but to be safe, Nuil cast Life Bubble on everyone (which did protect them from some of the threats in this location).

The crew spied in the windows (after cleaning enough of the mold off) and see a reception-like area and a couple conference rooms. Just for good measure, Wesley flew Canary around and above the building to look for other entrances. He found none.

C. Securitech Offices

Switch tried to pry open the doors but the mold held firm. Nuil tried to analyze the mold again to see if there was a way to break it free (another failed check, a botch this time). Ryder wondered if it was angry mold and they just had to be nice to it. While the group worked on the puzzle, Switch used his bone blade and cut down the seam of the door. He managed to break it open.

The smell of sickening sweet decay was thick inside the building. Nuil rushed to the mushrooms on the floor but found they weren’t very useful to her. Ryder searched the rest of the area and found some ancient calibration tools. Although worthless, Wesley claimed those.

The PCs passed through the hallway and into the cubicle offices in the northwest corner of the building. The room in the corner was a location for preparing meals and an ancient refrigerating unit which still had power. Wesley extracted the power supply from the unit and 86 UBPs of scrap. Hidden in the back of the unit is a syringe with whirling purple liquid. Nuil identified it as a serum of enhancement (scientist).

Beyond the cubicles they found two offices for a Chief Executive Officer and a Chief Technical Officer. They found a child-sized set of ancient kishaleen armor with stats equivalent to the next level of armor for Cypher.

East of the offices, they found another door grown over with the mold. They use Switch’s “universal key” to open this door as well. Beyond they found a workshop. Wesley walked into the room and stumbled into a hazard. Wiring on one of the workbenches decayed and electrified one of the floor plates. When Wesley walked across it, he closed the circuit and electricity threw him back across the room.

They rummaged through the room and found an ancient kishaleen motion detector. Nuil handed it over to Wesley who needed something to make him feel better after walking into the hazard.

They moved into the southeast room and found another room covered in mold except where two large server mainframes sat. The mold did not grow on the mainframes. The group searched for a means to turn the power on but realized there was no good source. Wesley decided to use the power unit he scavenged and rigs up the system to run for 1 minute (10 rounds). This was not a large window to retrieve the data they needed but Cypher thought it would be long enough.

Wesley powered up the system and the PCs waited 2 rounds for the system to come online. Cypher began running his protocols and immediately ran into resistance. The system gave everyone around the mainframe a slight jolt which stuns them for just a moment. Cypher bravely told everyone to back out of the room and he took Nuil’s serum of enhancement (scientist) which gave him an additional bonus to Computer checks. This enables him to successfully bypass the system’s security protocols. The system gives him a password to access the Foundry.

With the necessary information in hand the search the room one last time and find an ancient kishaleen weapon (equivalent of an ultrathin doshko). Nuil examined the biological material on the floor and identified it as the inner lining of an animal’s stomach. They suddenly realized the mold was more than they realized and they were inside its stomach.

Nuil quickly recognized the creature as a writher swarm, a mobile mold with carnivorous tastes for flesh.


The writher swarm attacked. The battle starts at the 2 hour and 10 minute mark in the video. The PCs opened fire on the swarm and Switch was engulfed by it but they managed to destroy it.

The building began to suddenly collapse around them. The skill challenge to escape the collapsing building begins at the 2 hour 29 minute and 13 second mark.

The group barely managed to escape in time and were battered and worn from the experience. With the password in hand they began the return journey to Tyzael and Hoyfeq.​

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    1. Good question. While setting up that encounter, I had a hard time reconciling the description of the encounter with the stats for the wither swarm in the back of the book. The narrative described it as covering everything but the wither swarm in the back is “Fine” sized. I wondered if “Fine” was an errata-worthy mistake or not. In the end, I decided to change the creature size to “Large” which enabled the swarm to try to engulf multiple characters without being everywhere at once.

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