Hijack: Writer’s Guide to the Strix

Hijack - Writer's Guide to the Strix

When Hijack: Writer’s Guide to the Strix popped up in my daily listing of new products from the Storytellers Vault I was intrigued, to say the least. I love these kinds of products because they provide a wealth of interesting insights into the design processes behind my favorite game lines. Rose Bailey (www.fantasyheartbreaker.com) was the Vampire developer for CCP/White Wolf/Onyx Path Publishing for nearly a decade and if there is anyone more qualified to pull back the veil of mysteries than her, I don’t know who it is.

Vampire the Requiem has no shortage of “antagonists” to delight and entertain your players. VII and Belial’s Brood are interesting additions to the game but the Strix have always fascinated me the most. I would comb through each new Vampire product and wonder if these creatures were behind some awful event. The great thing about the toolkit approach of the Chronicles of Darkness is if I wanted the answer to be yes, it was! However, I always wondered if the authors were thinking the same thing behind the scenes.

This product answers some of those questions and I am delighted to know I was completely wrong on all accounts. Don’t worry, this didn’t diminish the fun by any means. However, it did emphasize that I was using the Strix as intended. They were fixed firmly as the harbingers of ill omen in my mind and I was seeing shadows where they may or may not have been any. That kind of paranoia can drive some great storytelling.

The best part of this product is Rose finally answers the big question, “What are the Strix?” I won’t spoil it for you but I will say the answer to that question is very interesting and perhaps ties the vampires of Requiem more closely to the myriad creatures from the Chronicles of Darkness more closely than the others would like.

Two thumbs up. Five out of five stars. Enjoy!

Dead Suns – Session 31

Watch the game session on YouTube at https://youtu.be/8bC_1kQ_M40.

The crew wasted no time. They leapt into action to save the space puppy (or to eat it, in Drez’s case).

The battle begins at the 2 minutes 50-second mark on the video.

The cultists never really stood a change and were quickly dispatched. The PCs claimed their speeder bikes and searched the area. They found a mk 2 animistic amulet which was given to Cypher (to help with his aim issues). The PCs also claimed the cultists remaining mk 2 incendiary grenades and their broken golem plated armor.

Nuil tended to the space puppy’s wounds and it took a liking to her. With her archive of data on flora and fauna, she identified the creature as a velsasha. She claimed the puppy as her own.


The technomancer employed her x-ray visor to begin scanning the rooms around the ruined entrance. She found what looked like a small and a large set of control rooms. In the small room, numerous computers were tracking millions of signals all across the planet and coordinating their movements. She realized these were the robots which maintained the control planet for the massive gate.

Wesley investigated the area and found a hidden compartment with three round objects and an ancient kishaleen pistol. He identified the weapon as a disruption pistol and the orbs as temporal frag grenades II.

Dimensional Disruption.jpg

Wesley went the small room and as he walked across the room, a kishaleen hologram appeared in front of him. The hologram was quite rude but Wesley politely apologized. The hologram noted the young man was more polite than “the others.” It finally realized the PCs were not part of the cult and closed the door to the small room with the PCs outside.


After a small bit of debate, Wesley knocked on the door and was told to go away. Wesley tried to impress the hologram with his knowledge of engineering but it did not work. Cypher had been studying the tome on quantum dynamics so he and Nuil struck up a more sophisticated conversation. This time it worked and the hologram opened the door again. The hologram said, “Thank the First Cause. I thought I was going to be trapped here with those lunatics forever.” Nuil explained they had come over from Istamak which had fallen on hard times. The hologram told them his name was Eltreth and someone else called Osteth had been isolated here for quite some time. He told them to go into the larger room and he would join them and explain further.

It’s a trap!

A bulk of the floor in the larger room was rigged as an electrical trap. The trap went off and hit everyone but Wesley and Drez. Fortunately, the trap was an old one and had lost much of its punch. The trap knocked the wind out of them but did very little harm. Eltreth appeared in the room and was frustrated they had not all been incapacitated by the trap. He bellowed he had notified Null-9 and the mistress would be coming soon to deal with them.

Switch caught the name and demanded the hologram tell him everything he knew about Null-9. The hologram started to respond but then cut himself off. He realized he was sharing too much information.

The PCs tried to grab the hologram but could not touch him. Wesley smashed the console of one of the computer terminals. This infuriated Eltreth. Cypher stopped Wesley and accessed the computer himself to see what he could learn. Eltreth demanded “specimen x-23” cease his efforts. Cypher did a quick search for x-23 and found this was the designator for the genetic blueprints for the ysoki race. He also took control of the system’s modules which included minor environmental controls for the room and some kind of “jailing” program for computer programs.

Eltreth had finally had enough and he walked out of the room through the closest wall.

The crew debated what to so next and Switch insisted, “We have to stop Null-8… Null-9… Whatever she calls herself now.”

Ryder asked him what his connection was with Null-9 but before he could respond, Nuil spotted inbound cultists.

The battle begins at 1 hour 17 minutes and 42 seconds on the video.

A cybernetically modified half-orc operative led a small group of cultists against the PCs. The two groups were clogged in the narrows hallways making it difficult for either side to gain the advantage. Meanwhile, Cypher began hacked the jailing program. When he opened it, a second AI emerged and the hologram of Osteth appeared in the room. Osteth immediately thanked Cypher for freeing him.

Sisyrus Coldblood

Midway through, Eltreth realized the battle was not going the cultists’ way and he summoned additional cultists and shades from other areas in the facility. One of the cultists tried to escape but Ryder and Drez stopped him. The group found themselves split into three groups as the new attackers descended upon them.

The fight was a long and grueling one but the PCs prevailed. They did take some heavy hits and earned the information and loot they had acquired.

Next session, perhaps they will learn more about Osteth and Eltreth, the fate of Null-9, and what waits in the still hidden recesses of the kishaleen control facility.

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Dead Suns – Session 30

Watch the session on YouTube at https://youtu.be/MqAue_WCJYM.

The crew scanned the disabled the Singularity. The Raza’s sensors revealed the power core on the enemy vessel was completely dead but there were life signs (although they were fading fast). Switch seemed antsier than the others to board the Singularity to face the Jangly Man. The other inquired about his intense interests and Switch told them he had a history with the nutjob. They had been on a job together five years ago that had gone seriously wrong. Switch was part of an elite team which went to Jetta 6 to free the enslaved androids there. Captain Garrity and the Jangly Man were smugglers who were hired to sneak the Ex Novo freedom fighters onto the planet.

The Jangly Man

The mission went bad. Very, very bad. No one had anticipated the horrors they would see on Jetta 6 and the leader of Switch’s team, Null-8, lost her mind. She went completely mad. Captain Garrity, Switch, and the survivors of Switch’s team fled in one ship. The Jangly Man and Null-8 fled on another. They were separated and Switch never saw her again. Ex Novo forced Switch to go off the grid and he disappeared. He never saw Captain Garrity again until the crew found him in the Temple Found in Istamak.

As life signs on the Singularity continued to fade, another strange energy signature appeared. Nuil identified it as necromantic energy.

One quick spacewalk later and the crew was onboarding the Singularity. As they began to explore the ship, they found the bodies of freshly killed cultists strewn about. Nuil activated her x-ray visor when they approached the bridge and she saw the Jangly Man pacing back and forth. He seemed to be talking to himself.

The crew decided to take him by surprise by opening the bridge door just enough and then threw a sticky grenade onto the bridge. The cultist spotted them at the last second and threw himself behind a console. As they advanced, shade spawn appeared all around them and the crew realized the Jangly Man had not been talking to himself at all. The battle raged across the upper level of the Singularity as the crew was attacked on all sides by shade spawn.

The battle begins on the video at 34:49 and continues until 1:50:35

During the battle, the Jangly Man revealed the Null-8 was no more and she had become Null-9. She was the leader of the Devouring Hunger, the sect of the Cult of the Devourer which was here at the Gate of the Twelve Suns. Eventually, the crew prevailed against the Jangly Man and his undead minions. They knocked the Jangly Man unconscious.

Captain Garrity hailed the boarding crew and informed them the Singularity had been caught in the gravity well of the nearest sun and was being drawn in. They didn’t have long left to finish their mission. Nuil and Ryder tended to the team’s wounds while Wesley and Cypher went to engineering to see if they could restore power.

Nuil crafted a device to scan and record the Jangly Man’s memories.

Switch accessed the ship’s computers and realized the Jangly Man was sending a signal to a general location in the Diaspora. In the signal was the coordinates for the Gate of the Twelve Suns. They killed the beacon and Switch downloaded everything from the system.

There was an audio transmission from Null-8. She said the control systems on the planet were damaged and someone named Zaz could not repair them but someone else called Osteth had told her there were replacement parts on the other planets in the system.

They scavenged the rest of the ship and found:

25,000 UBPs
Spider Harness Powered Armor
Shock Grenade III
8 Screamer Grenade II

The Jangly Man was wearing Kasatha Microcord III with a haste circuit and infrared sensors.

Switch killed the Jangly Man and set the Singularity on a course which took it into the nearest sun.

They continued their journey to the only living planet in the system. Gravitational forces made progress difficult and the Raza was damaged in route. As they entered the atmosphere of the planet, the gravitational forces hammering the ship disappeared.

The planet was covered with overgrown jungles separated by shallow mountain ranges. They closed on the facility they had spotted before and found a landing pad not far away. A short path connected the two locations.

They began the short trek to the facility when they noticed movement in the jungle foliage around them. Nuil was taking samples when a massive jubsnuth leapt forward and grabbed her.


The battle begins at 2:23:05 and continues until 2:37:00.

They approached the facility and found the entrance had recently been blasted open. Inside the damaged entrance, three cultists had a cute little critter trapped in a corner and they were kicking it.

They were literally kicking the space puppy.


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Dead Suns, Session 29

Watch the game session on YouTube at https://youtu.be/7qll1enDnT0.

Ryder and Nuil tended to the crew’s wounds while Cypher examined the maltur nav terminal. From the terminal, Cypher found a wealth of information on quantum fluid dynamics which demonstrated how advanced the Kishaleen/Maltur were. He also found the coordinates for the Gate of the Twelve Suns and the data confirmed that to be the location of the Stellar Degenerator. The gate literally consists of 12 stars which had been pulled together and locked together through technomagic means. Cypher also determined this data was last accessed a few days ago which corresponded to the arrival of the Cult of the Devourer. The cult also possessed the location of the Stellar Degenerator and a head start to reach it. The crew decided to remove all information about the Gate of the Twelve Suns and the Stellar Degenerator but left the rest. Nuil politely left a note as well.

The crew left the Temple Found and found Li Shao Sho had managed to escape the Raza again! She fled the Raza and somehow discovered the Event Horizon (Captain Garrity’s ship) on the Istamak docks. She and the remaining Kroo took off in the ship in search of their own adventures. Garrity was NOT happy.

They punched in the coordinates for the Gate of Twelve Suns and jumped into Drift space. Several days into the journey they picked up a massive Drift storm in their path. They decided not to chance passing through it and plotted a new course which took them around it.

On the other side of the storm, Nuil noticed part of the storm had broken off and was following them. She identified the cloud as anhamut inevitable. These are constructs created by the Axomites composed on millions of nanites which can shapechange at will. They possess an incredible urge to explore the galaxy and learn more about the cosmos. They are explorers, scientists, and protectors of those who follow the same path. The crew opened comms and immediately realized this inevitable was malfunctioning when it threatened them. Ryder tried to intimidate the inevitable but alas, the entity was not so easily manipulated. The Raza and the cloud danced around each other in the starry sky. Captain Garrity bluffed the inevitable and convinced it there were complying with its instructions. The entity disengaged and let them go on their way.Quillius

When they reached their destination, they found the magnificent Gate of Twelve Suns. A single planet orbited each star and all but one were lifeless orbs. From the one living planet, a trio of starships lifted off and locked on an intercept course with the Raza.

Gate of the Twelve Suns - Control Center Approach - Copy

Cypher opened comms with the approaching vessels. A human with silver dreads appeared on the vid screen. Switch and Captain Garrity recognized him as The Jangly Man, someone they had not seen for many years and they had not parted under the best of circumstances although Switch and Garrity did not elaborate. He called his ship the Singularity and the other ships were Fang Fighters. The Jangly Man was obviously a bit mad and a devout follower of the Devourer. Cypher grew tired of the Jangly Man’s monologue and opened fire.


Starship combat ensued. Shortly after the battle began, the crew activated the Raza’s new phase cloaking system and they went invisible. This provided the advantage they needed against the cult’s numbers and they managed to disable the Singularity. One of the Fang Fighters flew into a nebula and blew up. The other fled.

End of session.

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Dead Suns, Session 28

Watch the game session in action at https://youtu.be/FXWDn5f5PQg.

Cypher and Drez found a bauble. They thought it might be important to stop and study while the other PCs continued searching the Temple Found. AKA a couple players couldn’t make it (or were a little late) and I concocted a reason for them to hang back a bit.

Wesley and Zaleria found a safe place to park the Raza. Wesley scanned the Temple Found and realized the PCs were about to stumble into a pack of eohi! He and Zaleria rushed inside just in time to find their crewmates had encountered the eohi and dispatched them. Welcome back Wesley and Zaleria! We missed you last game session.

The PCs scouted the sole door and Nuil saw a plain looking office on the other side of the door with her x-ray visor. The table in the room was scarred by hundreds of cut marks and there was a small window on the far wall. The PCs entered the room and thoroughly studied the table. Although the cuts looked ritualistic in nature they couldn’t determine their purpose.

They searched the room and found a secret door which led to a repository of datapads (like a library). In the center of the room was a ruined elevator shaft which led down deep underground. At a glance, it looked like it went deeper than the ground level outside. They only briefly surveyed the datapads and found one which detailed the flora and fauna on the Kishaleen planet.

Note: If used, the datapad provides a +5 bonus to Life Science checks to identify flora and fauna.

The rest of the datapads were out of order. They opted to continue exploration of the Temple Found and return to this area once Xavra was dealt with.

Nuil bravely climbed down the ruined elevator shaft to recon the area below. She found a long hallway which led north and turned to the west. She also heard voices from beyond the end of the hallway. She reported back to the PCs.

There was a debate about how to best get TIM-X to the bottom which continued for a bit before TIM-X walked himself to the edge of the elevator shaft, fired his grappling hook into the ceiling, and lowered himself down. The rest of the PCs followed and snuck down the hallway.


Through an open passage they found an ancient repository decorated by the kish with religious regalia. Glowing purple and blue runes covered the room and surrounded an altar (which Nuil recognized as a navigation terminal). Two large insectile humanoids and a human sat in the southwest corner of the room tied up. The PCs did not recognize the trio and had not been noticed yet.

In the northern section of the room, a kish in red tinted armor paced back and forth. He screamed at a device the PCs recognized as a kishaleen nav terminal, “Speak ancestors! Speak damn you! Tell me the secrets!” In frustration, he smashed his hands against the nav terminal. In response to his touch, the terminal responded in kishaleen which he does not completely understand. The PCs recognized him as Xavra.

Kish 02

Two kish hunters stood at attention near Xavra, his personal guard, and three more knelt on prayer mats in the lower section of the room.

The group debated how to approach the situation and decided Nuil should contact the three prisoners telepathically to gather some intel. Nuil contacted the human and startled him. The human quickly gathered his senses and responded, “My name is Captain Garrity. I’m here to rescue you.” Needless to say, the crew were skeptical. The PC’s arrival is the moment the captain was waiting for and he jumped to her feet and freed himself from his bonds. His gauntlets transformed into holdout blasters. The PCs recognized his attire as common for a Free Captain.

Nuil reached out with her mind to the agitated kish in red armor but could not penetrate his mental defenses. The warrior walked over to a terminal on the wall and activated a force field.

Roll for initiative! The battle begins at 32:03 in the video.

GM Note: The rest of this session consists of the battle with Xavra and his hunters. If you are not interested in the play by play, you can skip down to “THE BATTLE ENDS” below.

Xavra walked up to the force field and began to monologue, “I don’t see you! But I know you’re there. Bring yourself out. Reveal yourself to the Devourer. Let him judge you to see if you are worthy.”

The PCs were shocked to learn the kish hunter had been corrupted by the cultists. They stepped out (for dramatic effect) and saw he had recently carved the symbol of the Devourer into his own forehead.

Ryder taunted Xavra, “How you must have fallen to be a worshipper of the Devourer. You’ve betrayed your people. Hoyfeq and Tyzael have united and are now against you. Give up or perish. Dun! Dun! Dun!”

Wesley was done with the banter. He ordered TIM-X to lay down cover fire and opened fire on the closest kish hunter who had been kneeling on the prayer mats. His blast struck the kish across the chest and drew blood.

Switch charged across the room to the second of the kish hunters and slashed him across his back with his bone blade. Ryder followed Switch’s lead and fired at the same target. The blast spun the hunter around and knocked him flat-footed. The envoy then barked out encouragement for his allies to attack the same target as Wesley.

The first hunter drew an ornate kish blade from his and ran at Wesley. Wesley raised his arm and caught the attack across his arm. The blow stunned the young Starfinder.

Although Wesley was in danger, Nuil determined he had things well in hand. She summoned a trio of magic missiles and sent them hurtling into the hunter which Switch was engaged with.

One of Xavra’s personal guards disappeared from view and activated a force field which covered the entrance to the entire chamber. Nuil sprung out of the way just as the field came to life. The PCs found themselves trapped in the larger chamber with the three hunters. Xavra, his guard, and any chance of escape were out of the PC’s reach now.

Additionally, a square-shaped circuit board drifted out of hidden slots in the wall. Energy flared around them and they turned to face the PCs. Nuil recognized them as constructs known as a guardian disk. One of them flew at Nuil and slashed through her side. As it cut through her, electricity leapt from the disk and shocked her. This left her dazzled.

The hunter engaged with Switch tried to back away but Switch struck him down. The android turned to the next hunter and taunted, “You’re next!”

The second of Xavra’s personal guard raised his battle bow and fired at Switch. The PCs were surprised when the arrow flew through the force field unhindered but the ranged attack missed Switch.

Captain Garrity turned to his Kroo (the large insectile humanoid who were tired up with him) and freed them from their bonds so they could join the battle.

Zaleria summoned her solar cutlass and moved to the other side of the guardian disk to flank it with Nuil and slashed through the construct. Solar energy began to gather around her and she became photon attuned.

The third praying hunter withdrew to cover and drew his battle bow. He intended to fire on Zaleria but rolled a critical fumble. He tripped on a small object on the floor and the bow snapped back across his arm, causing damage to himself.

Kish Hunter

A second guardian disk emerged from the wall and closed on Wesley. It slashed at him but the agile mechanic dodged the attack.

From the upper levels, Cypher had finished his investigation and ventured down to rejoin the crew. The sounds of blaster fire drew him through the Temple Found until he reached the force field which cut him off from the battle. He began looking around to find a way through the barrier.

Xavra continued to try to influence the crew from behind the safety of the force field. “Really, there is no cause for this. You’ve taken your price in blood already. Throw down your weapons and let me open your eyes to the wonder, the might of the one who destroys all, the Devourer. You could join me. You could join the cultists. They told me where they’re going. I could share all of this with you. Become the children of the Star Eater.”

Nuil quipped, “I guess we need him alive so we know where they’re going.”

Wesley maneuvered TIM-X to fire its jump jets and Wesley grabbed the drone as it was flying by. Wesley tried to slap a sticky bomb on the hunter’s face but instead dropped it at his feet. He flipped the hunter off as TIM-X momentum carried them both away. The sticky bomb exploded. The guardian disk slashed through the glue as it exploded but the hunter was not so fortunate. The compound covered him and he was stuck firm where he stood.

Switch charged the hunter who had harmed himself with his bow and slashed through the hunter’s center. The android smiled, “I said you were next.”

Ryder closed on Switch’s new target but could not find the perfect position so he took cover behind Switch. He fired his laser pistol at the wounded hunter but missed. He still yelled for his teammates to “Get em!”

The hunter trapped by the sticky grenade busied him with freeing himself.

Nuil cast jolting surge on the guardian disk trapped between herself and Zaleria. Electricity surged through the construct and it began to short circuit.

Xavra’s personal guard fired at Captain Garrity but the arrow went wide.

The guardian disk sliced twice at Nuil but missed.

Cypher found a somewhat hidden terminal and quickly hacked in. The system was a fairly simple tier 2 computer with two modules. The first controlled the force field and the second was a common environmental control module. He quickly dropped the barrier, activated his haste module and ran up to hide behind Switch. He had spotted a second terminal across the room which might open the second force field protecting Xavra but he could not reach there quick enough to avoid fire from Xavra’s personal guard.

With the ysoki out of sight, Xavra guard targeted Zaleria and peppered her with arrows which penetrated her armor. This surprised everything as archaic weapons normally did not fare well against modern armor.

Much to the crew’s surprise, Captain Garrity ordered one of his Kroo to grab Wesley. Wesley’s performance wasn’t quite convincing enough so the Free Captain told the Kroo to make him bleed. The Kroo obeyed and squeezed Wesley enough to bruise. Captain Garrity pricked his own finger and drew the symbol of the Devourer on his own forehead.

The pirate walked to the middle of the room and declared, “Xavra, mine eyes have seen the glory! Welcome me into your cult and we can let the Devourer destroy this universe together.”

Xavra was fooled by the charade, “I’m glad to see one of you have listened to wisdom and turned to the ways of the Devourer. But first, we must subdue the rest of these threats. Help dispatch and then we will talk brother.”

Garrity pressed his advantage, “The messages from the Devourer are fast diminishing. You’ll need them translating soon if you intend to breed.”

Xavra considered Garrity’s words and nodded. He ordered his guard to drop the force field. Garrity nods to Zaleria. She had seen him pull this kind of trick before.

She chuckled and was moderately distracted as she advanced on the first guardian disk. It took a swipe at her and missed. She returned the favor and smashed the construct hard. It exploded into sparkles.

The hunter which battled Switch dropped his battle bow and drew his kish blade. He swung the blade violently. Switch parried the first attack and the hunter’s second swung too low (critical fumble) and he cut through his own foot, removing his toes. The hunter howled in agony. The goddess had forsaken him!

The remaining guardian disk flew at Zaleria and slashed through the air but the solarian parried the attacks with her solar cutlass.

Xavra’s guard obeyed his orders and dropped the force field. As soon as it dropped, Zaleria suddenly felt the presence of another solarian who was attuned. Xavra stepped out, raised his arms, and used his mastery of gravitons to dilate time. This provided him with a second turn each round.

Wesley drew his laser pistol and fired on the hunter he had trapped with the sticky grenade previously. He acted like the shot was accidental and it caught the hunter in the left leg (critical hit). The hit caught him on fire and hobbled him. He ordered TIM-X to play along and the drone started acting like it was grappled as well and fired at the hunter but missed.

Switch tired of the imbecilic hunter he was facing and he swung his blade parallel across the hunter’s shoulders. His foe’s head came free from its body and the hunter fell dead to the floor. The android turned and stepped up to Xavra.

Ryder did not want to be that close to Xavra so he retreated to where Nuil and Zaleria were fighting the guardian disk. He fired back at the leader of the hunters but he missed.

Nuil retreated up the wall and summoned her nano microbot swarm. She surrounded Xavra with the swarm.

One of Xavra’s guards moved down to clear his line of sight around the swarm and fired at Zaleria. The arrow hit, broke through her armor, and pierced her side.

Xavra, now fully graviton attuned turned gravity against Cypher and Switch. He lifted the pair into the air and slammed them down. Both managed to catch themselves and resisted the effects of the attack.

Cypher did not want to risk that kind of attack again and rushed across the room to the far side. He still turned and projected holograms around Xavra to further distract him (trick attack) and fired. His shot missed.

GM’s Note: The dice were not kind to Bill this session. Other than making some good checks to hack he missed with almost every attack. Bill thinks he misses most of the time but statistically he hits as much as he misses. That is, until this session which was a fluke. I’ve been watching closely as we played and the next two game sessions went back to normal (with him actually hitting more often than not during our last session). Sorry Bill! These things happen.

Xavra’s second guard wanted to attack Nuil but could not get a shot on her. So he turned to Zaleria and hit her with another arrow. Poor Kymber. I was turning Zaleria into a pin cushion this session.

Captain Garrity, who still had the kish fooled, moved to get behind them and took shelter near the nav computer.

Zaleria, now fully photon attuned, she moved up until she was the same distance between Xavra and Xavra’s guard. She exploded with solar energy and engulfed the area in flames. Xavra could not avoid the attack and took the brunt of it but  his guard managed to avoid some of it.

The guardian disk used the distraction to attack Ryder but missed.

Xavra drew his kish axe and unleashed a flashing strikes attack against Switch. The android barely managed to parry the attacks.

Wesley shoved his way free from the Kroo. He leveled his rifle at the hunter but the hunter slashed him before he could fire. His shot flew wide but he suffered the penalty of firing in close range.

Switch launched a pair of attacks of his own against Xavra. Xavra easily parried the attacks but smiled nonetheless, “Yes, yes. You will be a worthy opponent.” Switch could not tell if Xavra was messing with him or not.

Ryder had grown tired of the guardian disk and blasted it. He caught the disk just right (critical hit) and the guardian disk exploded into purple sparkles. He then rushed across the room to engage Xavra’s guard who was firing at Nui.

The hunter tried to stab Wesley but the mechanic was still be flailed around by the Kroo and he could not connect.

Xavra’s second guard rushed all the way to the bottom of the room to where he could see Nuil. Fortunately, this left him with no time to attack before other acted.

Xavra ignored the rest of the crew and continued his assault on Switch. He missed with his first attack but connected with the second, gravely wounding Switch.

Nuil split up her swarm and began to move them so they would cover multiple enemy targets. She fired at the guard who now threatened her but missed.

Cypher turned his attention on the guard who was targeting Nuil. He hit and began taunting the guard to draw his ire.

The second guard continued to follow Xavra’s orders and rushed away from Ryder drawing an attack but the envoy missed. When he closed some of the distance between himself and Nuil he raised his bow and fired. It missed and went careening down the hallway.

Captain Garrity, aiming to misbehave, ordered the Kroo to attack the kish. The first Kroo draws a pirate-looking tactical dueling sword and attacked the hunter threatening Wesley. The other Kroo advanced on the hunter which was firing on Nuil and swung at him. Unfortunately, neither Kroo particularly excelled at swordplay and both missed with their attacks.

Garrity pulled the pin on his grenade and tossed it. He tossed the pin, not the grenade. He suddenly realized his mistake and began juggling the live grenade back and forth.

Zaleria retreated up to the nav computer and looked around. She saw the stick figures and runes. She began working on the nav computer, trying to figure out how to access it.

Xavra pressed the attack on Switch and penetrated the androids defenses again. Blue goo began to ooze from Switch’s newly opened wounds.

Wesley maneuvered TIM-X to fire his grapple gun at the hunter which harried him but the grapple hook missed. Wesley tried to open fire on the hunter but forgot to back up. The hunter swung on the mechanic but Wesley dodged this time. Wesley quickly took a guarded step back from the hunter.

Switch launched a vicious full attack at Xavra but only connected with one of the attacks and slashed across Xavra’s upper left arm.

The tides had turned and the battle was not going well for the crew.

Ryder encouraged Switch (and restored Stamina points in the process). He then ordered the crew to “get” Xavra.

The first hunter being attacked by the Kroo turned on the huge insect and slashed through it and caused it grievous damage.

The first of Xavra’s guard was tempted to attack Cypher but fired at Nuil instead and missed.

Xavra continued to pummel Switch, draining the life from him with each subsequent hit.

Nuil sent the swarms back to Xavra to keep him covered if he only tried to take a guarded step away from Switch. She fired at the guard targeting her and hit him.

Cypher taunted the guard who ignored him and used his trick attack but missed with his pistol.

The second guard turned on the second Kroo and slashed through his carapace.

Garrity finally dropped the juggled grenade and it went off. The blast hit Zaleria, the nav computer, and himself but did minimal damage. He finally aimed one of his holdout blasters and fired but missed.

Zaleria brushed off the shrapnel from the grenade explosion and poked her head around the corner. She shot at Xavra but could not hit him.

Xavra contemplated moving to get away from Nuil’s nanobot swarm but he decided not to risk it. He swung at Switch twice again but only connected on the second one. Finally, I worked my way through Switch’s mountain of stamina and started to get into his hit points. 🙂

Wesley blasted the hunter and did good damage but his foe still stood. These kish had proven they were tougher than anything else the crew had faced on Istamak.

Switch finally began to feel the pain and reconsidered his strategy. Instead of throwing multiple attacks at Xavra he focused his skill and energy on one more accurate blow. He quickly studied Xavra’s defenses and swung hard when he saw an opening and tore into Xavra’s side.

Wesley’s hunter (because at this point, it really was Wesley’ hunter to deal with) struck one of the Kroo and killed it. He backed away from TIM-X. The other Kroo began to whimper.

The first guard pondered who to attack between Nuil and Cypher. Cypher said, “Hey dumbass, over here.” The taunt was too much and he threw himself at the ysoki. He missed and Cypher quipped, “My grandmother shoots better than that.” The hunter threw down his bow in frustration and drew his kish blade.

Xavra bellowed at Garrity, “The deception has become obvious!”

Garrity agreed, “Took you long enough…”

Xavra tried to move away from Switch but the android quickly attacked him and caught his leg. Not allowed to move, Xavra unleashed a supernova where he stood. Only Switch was caught in the blast and it drove him to his knees.

Switch groaned, “Man, a healing grenade would be really great right now.”

Nuil heard the grumbling request and pulled a healing grenade from her belt. She tossed it so only Switch was in the blast radius and he received some healing.

Cypher positioned himself between the guard and Nuil. Then he decided to fire on Xavra with a trick attack but missed with the attack.

The second guard attacked the sole remaining Kroo but missed the big bug man.

Garrity fired up his second holdout blaster and fired with both at Xavra but missed. The Kroo attacked the guard in retaliation but missed.

By now Zaleria was fully attuned again and went supernova. Xavra tried to avoid the attack but caught the brunt of it again. He wavered a bit but managed to stay on his feet.

Xavra quickly cleared his head and attacked Switch with a fury. He could not hope to reach the ranged combatants as long as Switch kept him locked in place. He missed with the first attack but cut into Switch’s clavicle with the second one (critical hit). Switch dropped unconscious. Emboldened by the victory against the android, Xavra moved to face the other solarian, Zaleria.

The guard cornered by the Kroo and TIM-X swung on the combat drone and cleaved a chunk of machinery from him.

The other guard, still feeling insulted by Cypher, attacked the ysoki but missed.

Xavra launched flashing strikes at Zaleria and tore into her.

Nuil contemplated her options but decided hitting Xavra was the best option. He shot Xavra in the back and yelled, “See! If I can do it, you can do it!” The crew was inspired!

Cypher missed… again.

The last kish hunter cuts down the Kroo.

Garrity fired with his holdout blaster but missed. Things were quickly going downhill fast!

Xavra went supernova! Garrity evaded part of the blast but Zaleria caught it full on. She dropped unconscious.

Wesley goes all “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!” and sprayed bullets all over but didn’t hit anything. TIM-X used a much more precise approach and slammed the hunter with his swoop hammer. The hunter went down.

Switch regained consciousness and threw himself at Xavra but missed.

Ryder recognized the direness of the situation and walked to within range of Xavra, pulled a pin on a grenade, and let it go off in his hand. Garrity ducked for cover. Ryder took the full blast. Xavra cringed and caught shrapnel but managed to hang on.

The first guard slashed Cypher.

Xavra stumbled towards Garrity. Switch swung on the kish but missed. Xavra threw flashing strikes at Garrity and struck him down.

Nuil wanted a sure thing. She dropped the nanobot swarm. She screamed, “I’m done! I’m just done!” She conjured a trio of magic missiles which slammed into Xavra. The missiles tear right through him and kill him.

The remaining kish are demoralized and drop their weapons. The battle is over and the crew has won.


Xavra has been defeated. The PCs have reclaimed the Temple Found. Tune in next time to see more!

End of session.

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