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May 2019

  • Hijack: Writer’s Guide to the Strix

    When Hijack: Writer’s Guide to the Strix popped up in my daily listing of new products from the Storytellers Vault I was intrigued, to say the least. I love these kinds of products because they provide a wealth of interesting insights into the design processes behind my favorite game lines. Rose Bailey ( was the… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns – Session 31

    Dead Suns – Session 31

    Watch the game session on YouTube at The crew wasted no time. They leapt into action to save the space puppy (or to eat it, in Drez’s case). The battle begins at the 2 minutes 50-second mark on the video. The cultists never really stood a change and were quickly dispatched. The PCs claimed… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns – Session 30

    Dead Suns – Session 30

    Watch the session on YouTube at The crew scanned the disabled the Singularity. The Raza’s sensors revealed the power core on the enemy vessel was completely dead but there were life signs (although they were fading fast). Switch seemed antsier than the others to board the Singularity to face the Jangly Man. The other… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns, Session 29

    Dead Suns, Session 29

    Watch the game session on YouTube at Ryder and Nuil tended to the crew’s wounds while Cypher examined the maltur nav terminal. From the terminal, Cypher found a wealth of information on quantum fluid dynamics which demonstrated how advanced the Kishaleen/Maltur were. He also found the coordinates for the Gate of the Twelve Suns… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns, Session 28

    Dead Suns, Session 28

    Watch the game session in action at Cypher and Drez found a bauble. They thought it might be important to stop and study while the other PCs continued searching the Temple Found. AKA a couple players couldn’t make it (or were a little late) and I concocted a reason for them to hang back… Continue reading