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Dead Suns, Session 29

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Ryder and Nuil tended to the crew’s wounds while Cypher examined the maltur nav terminal. From the terminal, Cypher found a wealth of information on quantum fluid dynamics which demonstrated how advanced the Kishaleen/Maltur were. He also found the coordinates for the Gate of the Twelve Suns and the data confirmed that to be the location of the Stellar Degenerator. The gate literally consists of 12 stars which had been pulled together and locked together through technomagic means. Cypher also determined this data was last accessed a few days ago which corresponded to the arrival of the Cult of the Devourer. The cult also possessed the location of the Stellar Degenerator and a head start to reach it. The crew decided to remove all information about the Gate of the Twelve Suns and the Stellar Degenerator but left the rest. Nuil politely left a note as well.

The crew left the Temple Found and found Li Shao Sho had managed to escape the Raza again! She fled the Raza and somehow discovered the Event Horizon (Captain Garrity’s ship) on the Istamak docks. She and the remaining Kroo took off in the ship in search of their own adventures. Garrity was NOT happy.

They punched in the coordinates for the Gate of Twelve Suns and jumped into Drift space. Several days into the journey they picked up a massive Drift storm in their path. They decided not to chance passing through it and plotted a new course which took them around it.

On the other side of the storm, Nuil noticed part of the storm had broken off and was following them. She identified the cloud as anhamut inevitable. These are constructs created by the Axomites composed on millions of nanites which can shapechange at will. They possess an incredible urge to explore the galaxy and learn more about the cosmos. They are explorers, scientists, and protectors of those who follow the same path. The crew opened comms and immediately realized this inevitable was malfunctioning when it threatened them. Ryder tried to intimidate the inevitable but alas, the entity was not so easily manipulated. The Raza and the cloud danced around each other in the starry sky. Captain Garrity bluffed the inevitable and convinced it there were complying with its instructions. The entity disengaged and let them go on their way.Quillius

When they reached their destination, they found the magnificent Gate of Twelve Suns. A single planet orbited each star and all but one were lifeless orbs. From the one living planet, a trio of starships lifted off and locked on an intercept course with the Raza.

Gate of the Twelve Suns - Control Center Approach - Copy

Cypher opened comms with the approaching vessels. A human with silver dreads appeared on the vid screen. Switch and Captain Garrity recognized him as The Jangly Man, someone they had not seen for many years and they had not parted under the best of circumstances although Switch and Garrity did not elaborate. He called his ship the Singularity and the other ships were Fang Fighters. The Jangly Man was obviously a bit mad and a devout follower of the Devourer. Cypher grew tired of the Jangly Man’s monologue and opened fire.


Starship combat ensued. Shortly after the battle began, the crew activated the Raza’s new phase cloaking system and they went invisible. This provided the advantage they needed against the cult’s numbers and they managed to disable the Singularity. One of the Fang Fighters flew into a nebula and blew up. The other fled.

End of session.

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