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Dead Suns – Session 30

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The crew scanned the disabled the Singularity. The Raza’s sensors revealed the power core on the enemy vessel was completely dead but there were life signs (although they were fading fast). Switch seemed antsier than the others to board the Singularity to face the Jangly Man. The other inquired about his intense interests and Switch told them he had a history with the nutjob. They had been on a job together five years ago that had gone seriously wrong. Switch was part of an elite team which went to Jetta 6 to free the enslaved androids there. Captain Garrity and the Jangly Man were smugglers who were hired to sneak the Ex Novo freedom fighters onto the planet.

The Jangly Man

The mission went bad. Very, very bad. No one had anticipated the horrors they would see on Jetta 6 and the leader of Switch’s team, Null-8, lost her mind. She went completely mad. Captain Garrity, Switch, and the survivors of Switch’s team fled in one ship. The Jangly Man and Null-8 fled on another. They were separated and Switch never saw her again. Ex Novo forced Switch to go off the grid and he disappeared. He never saw Captain Garrity again until the crew found him in the Temple Found in Istamak.

As life signs on the Singularity continued to fade, another strange energy signature appeared. Nuil identified it as necromantic energy.

One quick spacewalk later and the crew was onboarding the Singularity. As they began to explore the ship, they found the bodies of freshly killed cultists strewn about. Nuil activated her x-ray visor when they approached the bridge and she saw the Jangly Man pacing back and forth. He seemed to be talking to himself.

The crew decided to take him by surprise by opening the bridge door just enough and then threw a sticky grenade onto the bridge. The cultist spotted them at the last second and threw himself behind a console. As they advanced, shade spawn appeared all around them and the crew realized the Jangly Man had not been talking to himself at all. The battle raged across the upper level of the Singularity as the crew was attacked on all sides by shade spawn.

The battle begins on the video at 34:49 and continues until 1:50:35

During the battle, the Jangly Man revealed the Null-8 was no more and she had become Null-9. She was the leader of the Devouring Hunger, the sect of the Cult of the Devourer which was here at the Gate of the Twelve Suns. Eventually, the crew prevailed against the Jangly Man and his undead minions. They knocked the Jangly Man unconscious.

Captain Garrity hailed the boarding crew and informed them the Singularity had been caught in the gravity well of the nearest sun and was being drawn in. They didn’t have long left to finish their mission. Nuil and Ryder tended to the team’s wounds while Wesley and Cypher went to engineering to see if they could restore power.

Nuil crafted a device to scan and record the Jangly Man’s memories.

Switch accessed the ship’s computers and realized the Jangly Man was sending a signal to a general location in the Diaspora. In the signal was the coordinates for the Gate of the Twelve Suns. They killed the beacon and Switch downloaded everything from the system.

There was an audio transmission from Null-8. She said the control systems on the planet were damaged and someone named Zaz could not repair them but someone else called Osteth had told her there were replacement parts on the other planets in the system.

They scavenged the rest of the ship and found:

25,000 UBPs
Spider Harness Powered Armor
Shock Grenade III
8 Screamer Grenade II

The Jangly Man was wearing Kasatha Microcord III with a haste circuit and infrared sensors.

Switch killed the Jangly Man and set the Singularity on a course which took it into the nearest sun.

They continued their journey to the only living planet in the system. Gravitational forces made progress difficult and the Raza was damaged in route. As they entered the atmosphere of the planet, the gravitational forces hammering the ship disappeared.

The planet was covered with overgrown jungles separated by shallow mountain ranges. They closed on the facility they had spotted before and found a landing pad not far away. A short path connected the two locations.

They began the short trek to the facility when they noticed movement in the jungle foliage around them. Nuil was taking samples when a massive jubsnuth leapt forward and grabbed her.


The battle begins at 2:23:05 and continues until 2:37:00.

They approached the facility and found the entrance had recently been blasted open. Inside the damaged entrance, three cultists had a cute little critter trapped in a corner and they were kicking it.

They were literally kicking the space puppy.


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