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Against the Giants: Chapter 1, Part 4

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Beneath the steading, they discovered a dungeon and encountered a bugbear warband. Alarms sounded above them and the heroes knew their presence had been uncovered.


When the food stopped flowing into the great hall, one of the hill giants went to the kitchen to investigate. There it found Chunt, Kargarn, and Draeven. Chunt attacked the hill giant and the pair accidentally crashed through the wall into the great hall (pictured to the right).

4.1 The Great Hall

The hill giants sounded the alarm and the trio of PCs fled through the kitchen, down the “cellar” stairs, and into the marshaling area of the dungeon.

Kargarn found tracks he believed matched the other PCs and the two halves of the group were reunited in Area 8 where the other PCs had fought the bugbears.

One of the hill giant searchers approached from the marshaling area while the PCs pushed forward into Area 4 where they had heard more bugbears at the end of the last session.

The PCs fought a two fronted battle against the hill giant in the hallway and an entire warband of bugbears in Areas 4, 5, 6 and 7 (pictured to the right). The leader of the bugbears recognized Cara as a Blood Sister. More and more bugbears continued to pour into the battle.

4.2 Dungeon Area 4, 5, 6, 7

During the closing moments of the battle, a shadowy mass appeared and whisked Chunt and Theodin away. Draeven rushed to investigate but could not determine where they were taken. He and Callie were able to identify the effect as a variation of a teleportation spell.

The PCs fought hard and pushed farther and farther into Areas 5, 6, and 7 until they had finally defeated the bugbears. Although the hill giant threat still surrounded them, they had won a great victory.

Theodin kept watch (and healed Shadow) while the rest of the PCs searched the area. Shadow quietly locked the door leading from Area 4 to the marshaling area.


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