Against the Giants: Chapter 1, Part 6

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  • The PCs were confronted by a hill giant with one eye and a hunchback (named the Keeper) and a pair of apes. He whistled to signal his apes to attack and the battle began!
  • The party destroyed the apes and the Keeper began to run while he yelled for help. One of the PCs caught the dead apes in a cone of cold and froze them. This would be important later. The PCs stopped him from fleeing but not before a fire giant heard the cries for help and headed towards the sound.
  • The PCs killed the Keeper before the fire giant could reach them and began to explore a bit, finding a storage room with a door on the far side. Callie filled the hallway between them with thorny vines and the fire giant did not notice them until he had plowed through them (taking a lot of damage). Then Chunt picked up the frozen apes and threw them at the fire giant. Both hit for bludgeoning and cold damage. Since the fire giant was vulnerable to cold damage, it took double damage from Chunt’s improvised attack.
  • We took a moment to sort out experience. We realized the group had lost track so we figured out where we stood and I created a handout in Roll20 for the group to track what they had earned. Problem solved! 😀
  • Kargarn provided the group some of that sweet cleric healing and then the group searched the storage area. The crates held a lot of stone cutting equipment but nothing of value. They also noticed the door on the far side of the room had a padlock on it. Chunt tried to smash the lock but caught it cockeye and did not break it open. Shadow offered his services and picked the lock even though Chunt thought that was a boring way to open a locked door.
  • Beyond the door, they found a hallway that split west and northeast. The northeast hallway ended in rough-cut stone. Kargarn and Theodin checked the stone and realized it was a work in progress, an unfinished tunnel. The western portion of the hallway led to a second padlocked door. Callie heard silence beyond the door and saw no light under it.
  • Shadow unlocked this padlock as well and inside the group found a bounty of barrels, kegs, and casks (13 in total). Kargarn was ecstatic! He smelled one of the wines and realized he was dealing with something like he had never smelled (or tasted) before. Chunt decided to sample the wine (and succeeded on his Constitution saving throw) and managed to stay on his feet. The brew was almost complete alcohol (like hill giants like it) and it knocked the minotaur through a loop. Kargarn appraised the lot and realized this must be the chieftain’s store and was worth a small fortune. After a bit of goading by Cara, Kargarn decided to sample the wine as well (and passed his Constitution saving throw as well).
  • The PCs locked the room and decided they would come back later to collect the goods.
  • They backtracked to the marshaling area and checked the next unopened door. They quickly realized (after finding the ape scat on the floor), this was the Keeper’s quarters.
  • They decided to explore the hallway leading to the north. First, they found a chamber (with an antechamber) which was under construction. Kargarn identified this as new work and Callie wondered aloud why the dwarves were working with the hill giants.
  • Shadow wandered further down the hallway and was ambushed by a stone giant, one of a pair. They had heard Shadow a short time earlier when he called out to the other party members while exploring. Unfortunately for the stone giants, they wanted nothing more than to escape but they were in the worst possible tactical position to do that. The PCs cut them down before they could fight their way through the narrow hallway.
  • The group found a large volume of treasure in the stone giant’s quarters and were happy to collect all of it.
  • Callie was thinking about the layout of the dungeon and realized there was a lot of space between their current location and the staircase they had come down. Kargarn searched the wall along the gap and couldn’t find any hidden doors. The group debated their next move and Callie suggested they check the last remaining door in the marshaling area.
  • They returned to that room and half of the group listened at the door while the others gave the rest of the room a quick search. The first half of the group heard milling about through the door at the same time Callie found a secret door in the northwest corner of the room. Excitedly, most of the group moved to the secret door and opened it just as Chunt opened the other door and…


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