Against the Giants: Chapter 1, Part 10

Ten thunderbolts strike at the same time
A hundred hearts energized in the thundering roar
Simultaneously a thousand colliding thunderbolts
And too, ten thousand lightning strikes in the heavens

Hu – hu – hu – hu…
Hu – hu – hu – hu…

Wolf Totem, Hu

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Finally, the PCs had found Chief Nosn’ra and his most dangerous lieutenants. So far, the battle had not gone as expected. Would the Fates truly favor them in the end?

  • The battle carried the PCs out into the courtyard where rain and wind pummeled down upon them. The fleeing stone giant tried to use the pack of fire wolves in the courtyard to cover his escape but the effort was a futile one. The PCs took wounds but finished off the giant and wolves.
  • Cara and Shadow snuck back into the hallway from which they had spotted Chieftain Nosn’ra and his minions but found they had escaped.
  • The group searched the room attached to the hallway and then moved into the room where Nosn’ra had been arguing with the other giants.
  • A skull was noticed on the mantle and Callie decided to retrieve it. She believed it to be the skull of an elf and she wanted to tend to the remains successfully. When she picked up the object, energy surged through her body and he experienced a vision. In the vision, she saw the fall of the Dross family and the sacking of the city of Zobeck (roughly a century before). She witnessed the last scion of the Dross family, a young boy named Evander, hidden in the shadows while his family keep was taken. The shadows spoke to him and he bound himself to the Shadow in exchange for salvation.
  • The PCs realized the urgency of the situation and a mad dash through the steading ensued. Some rooms were searched but most were just run through.
  • In the hallway between the chief’s hall and the main hall were four large orbs of unusual make. They identified them as thunder orbs and decided to go through them (the fastest route to the great hall). They attacked the first orb in unison and destroyed it but the three remaining orbs came to life.
  • Battle the thunder orbs! These PCs are no novices and in good order, the orbs were turned to scrap.
  • Beyond the doors the orbs had guarded was light and the PCs would hear movement.
  • The PCs moved in to the room and were attacked by a pair of hill giants, hidden around the door by invisibility. Finally, the great battle with Chief Nosn’ra was upon him. The chief was protected by his wife, Grutha, a cave bear, and Evander Dross himself.
  • Cara charged across the room to attack the spell caster, her training taking over while the rest quickly dealt with the hill giants. Kargarn banished Grutha to the Eleven Hells to tip the odds in the PC’s favor and the group swept through the rest of their foes.
  • They prepared themselves for Grutha to reappear but when Kargarn dropped his spell, she did not. They waited a bit longer and realized she was not coming back.


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