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Heroes Unlimited: Riff

Recovering from surgery gives me plenty of time to kill. I decided to dig up my old copy of Heroes Unlimited 2E to roll a new charatcer. I decided to use the random options for everything and Riff was the final result. Enjoy!

True Identity: Simon Jones
Scrupulous Alignment
Level 1 Mutant

Riff is a genetic aberration, a natural mutant. Some would call him the next step in the evolutionary process but normal humans hate to hear that kind of thing. He is has no unusual physical traits.

Simon never really had many prospects in life. He never much cared for school, aside from the music programs where he got his start playing the guitar and singing. He was the youngest child in a poor family. His father was a career petty criminal and his mother wasn’t much better. As soon as he could, he left home to make a life for himself. He landed a job as an auto mechanic and bounced around from one talentless band to another. From time to time, he would hear from his mother, father, or a sibling, usually to beg for money. He never had much to give and tried his best to avoid them.

He was in his early 20s when his mutant abilities manifested and his entire life changed. He had little use for his heightened sense of smell and radar abilities but his divine aura turned him into the perfect front man. His music career was just beginning to take off when word reached him, his parents had crossed the wrong people. The police found their bodies washed up on the lakeshore. Simon kept telling himself he owed his family nothing. He was following his dreams and he had no reason to look back. Despite all that, his thoughts continued to drift back to the family over and over again. It was driving him mad and he couldn’t focus on his music.

Finally, he decided he needed to put his past to rest before he could embrace his future. He created an identity for himself, Riff, and returned to his home. He had other abilities to call on and he needed to find out who murdered his parents and what happened to his siblings. He returned to his job as an auto mechanic, steady income, and began searching in his downtime.

IQ 13
ME 17
MA 12
PS 15
PP 8
PE 11
PB 10
SPD 19

H.P.: 16
S.D.C.: 60
A.R.: 0
P.P.E.: 18

Experience: 0
Need: 2050

5 Attacks Per Round; +3 to initiative
+2 to parry, +3 to dodge, +4 to roll with punch/fall, +3 to roll with impact, +3 to pull punch, +1 to save vs psionic attack, +1 to save vs insanity

Radar (additional bonuses)
+1 Attacks Per Round, +4 to initiative
+2 to strike, +2 to parry, +2 to dodge, no minuses when blinded or in darkness

Weapon Proficiencies:
W.P. Automatic Pistol (+3 to Aimed Shot, +1 to Burst)
Short Burst: x2 dmg, 20% of magazine
Long Burst: x5 dmg, 50% of magazine
Entire Magazine: x10 dmg, 100% of magazine

Skill Programs:
Concealment 24%, Literacy 35%, Pick Locks 35%, Pick Pockets 30%, Play Musical Instrument: Guitar 40%, Prowl 35%, Sing 40%, Streetwise 38%, Writing 30%

Secondary Skills:
Auto Mechanics 30%, Basic Mechanics 35%, Boxing, Climbing 45%, Pilot Motorcycle 64%

Divine Aura This major power provides the character with the aura of divinity, like that of the mythical Greek gods. Riff carries himself with an air of superiority, charisma, and of being larger than life. An average person will feel intimidated and may actually believe the character is some sort of demigod.

  1. Awe and/or Horror Factor 14: Enemies must roll a 15 or higher on a twenty sided die to avoid being momentarily awestruck or horrified. A failed roll means the individual loses initiative, one of his/her melee attacks, and is the last to attack in that melee round. In this case, roll each melee round in which the character with the divine aura is attacked or speaks.
  2. Followers: Whether he wants one or not, the “divine” character will get one follower or devotee per level of his experience. The follower devotes their life to Riff.
  3. Power of Command: Once every three melees (45 seconds), Riff can issue a simple, attention drawing command. Roll to save vs psionic attack or obey and lose one melee attack/action. Allies affected by this power gain +1 to initiative, +1 to strike, +1 to parry, +1 to dodge, and gets one additional melee attack.
  4. Power of Voice Amplification: Riff’s voice is deep and booming, heard up to 1,600 feet away. Can be used simultaneously with other powers.
  5. Power of Illusion: Riff can create an illusion of being twice as big as he is. +2 to Awe/Horror Factor

Heightened Sense of Smell An exceptional sense of small that enables Riff to identify any smell he comes into contact with.

  1. Range 100 feet
  2. Recognize/identify specific odors 74% (+10% for common smells)
  3. Recognize poisons, toxins, and chemicals by scent 54%
  4. Track by scent 43%
  5. Difficult to surprise Riff as he is likely to smell a person, robot, or vehicle within 100 feet before it reaches him
  6. If down wind from the source of a smell, the range is tripled

Radar This ability sends out high-frequency radio waves which bounce off objects, returning and indicating the direction and distance of the reflecting objects. This is a crude type of see in the dark ability, enabling Riff to know/sense the location of objects and movement.

  1. Range 500 ft
  2. Interpret Shapes 55%
  3. Estimating Distance 64%
  4. Estimating Direction 64%
  5. Estimating Speed 44%
  6. Estimating Exact Location 54%
  7. Radar does not go through cloth, wood, glass, metal, or people.
  8. Disadvantage: Radar is fouled by rain, snow, dust, or sandstorms, and by similar obscuring conditions. No radar bonuses apply under these conditions. Smoke and fog also fouls radar, but not as severely. All abilities to estimate speed, direction, distance, shape and location are -30% and all bonuses are reduced by half.

9mm Automatic Pistol 3d6 dmg
Combat Bush Knife 1d6 dmg
Knockout Gas (2)
Drowsiness in 1d4 rounds, sleep in 1d4 rounds
Saving throw versus toxins
CB/Radio, Nylon Cord Handcuffs, Utility Belt, Backpack, Duffle Bag, Magnifying Glass, Flashlight, Binoculars, Pocket Tapes Recorder, Camera
Harley Davidson Fat Boy 114
AR 15
SDC 150
Speed 120 mph
Range 350 miles

$140 cash on hand

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