7th Sea: Blood Sails – Session 2

Tonight’s adventure began with a bit of brainstorming and chargen. I figured the crew of the Ruby Star should be as interesting as the rest of the PCs. No better way to ensure that than to recruit the players to help.

Blinsky the Quartermaster
Doc, the… doc…
Kaylee the shipwright and engineer
Mama Booga the cook with a hook for a hand
Old Man Jenkins the… no one is really sure…
Padre the deckhand
Sammie Gee the cabin boy
Susan the deckhand, and a man, yes, a man named Susan
Talon the hawk, ship lookout, and rat catcher
Wash the helmsman
Wesley the deckhand who is always doing something wrong

Captain Nathan Hawke and Jacques-Louis de la Chateaux Claurent de Mont Toppin had a long conversation about the troubles at the Powder Keg but reached no real accord. Jacques revealed he had an encrypted map but he needed a cipher he believed could be found at Black Skull Isle. Hawke had heard a hundred tales of the isle but treasure hunts had never interested him. Although disappointed, Jacques added he had a lead in Arisent and that would be their first destination.

Doc, drunk again, was trying to sew up Don Diego de la Vega-Borgia’s wounds with a straightened fish hook. Julianne de la Chateaux Claurent de Mont Toppin stepped in and quickly finished the work.

Captain Jon the Black Rose paid Hawke a visit to complain about the treatment of “his” ship. Hawke humored the ghost until it had its say and faded away.

The Ruby Star set sail. Two days into the voyage Talon spotted a ship following them, a military vessel of Montaigne. Hawke wanted to send the larger vessel to the sea bottom but others asked if running would be best. Hawke decided the job given to him by The Benefactor was more important than a fight. The Ruby Star quickly outran the larger vessel until a storm overtook them. The military vessel disappeared into the black of the storm.

For nearly three days the storm battered the Ruby Star but they managed to hold to their course and avoid any damage. When it finally cleared they were only a day from the bustling port city of Arisent.

When they arrived in port it was decided Julianne and Jacques would go find Crespin while the rest remained on the ship.


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