7th Sea: Blood Sails – Session 4

The crew joined the festivities at Lord Petrus Brosseau’s estate and drew the attention of several young nobles. Seeing the PCs making themselves comfortable Crespin Baudet bid them adieu and disappeared into the crowd.

Isabella explored the gardens a bit and discovered another Vodacce woman attending the party. The mysterious guest did not provide a name but flashed the secret signs to let Isabella know she was also one of Sophia’s Daughters. Isabella had been sent on this mission so abruptly that she still wasn’t sure what her objectives were. The agent let her know that events were in motion that could potentially shift political power in not only Montaigne but all of Theah. Although the agent could not explain further it was important that Julianne and Jacques-Louis were successful in their quest and Captain Nathan Hawke should survive to see the end of it as well.

Meanwhile, Don Diego de la Vega-Borgia, using a false name that no one could remember, Julianne, Jacques, and Hawke were introduced to Lord Brosseau. The Montaigne noble was excited to meet new faces and invited them to play Seasons of Arcadia, a game of placing your own stones and removing foe’s stones from a hexagonal board until one of the four lords or ladies had successfully placed 12 stones. Lord Brosseau explained the game involved rather complex strategies and mused watching someone play would reveal a lot about their character. Julianne and Jacques played against Hawke and Diego. The game was tense and exciting but in the end, Julianne and Jacques were the victors.

Lord Brosseau dismissed himself to entertain some other guests while Julianne and Hawke snuck off to find the map. They infiltrated the manor and searched until they found the lord’s immense library. His collection of books and artifacts was impressive. The pair quickly searched it until they found the map Crespin had told Jacques about and Hawke found an ornate saber he felt belonged in his possession more than a Montaigne noble.

As they prepared to retreat from the library, a pair of Ussuran mercenaries appeared. The mercs confronted our heroes and demanded to know their identities. The fools unwittingly revealed they worked for Captain Jean Killroy of the Ussuran navy and they had come to the party to find and arrest Captain Hawke. Fortunately, they did not immediately recognize Hawke. He and Julianne bluffed their way past the mercs before rushing back to the rest of the crew. With map (and saber) in hand, it was time to leave.

The crew rushed to the stables but before they could reach them, they spotted more Ussuran mercenaries standing between them and their destination.


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