7th Sea: Blood Sails – Session 5

Isabella and Julianne were the two members of the crew most skilled in the arts of stealth. They decided to sneak around the Ussuran mercenaries to the back of the stables to prepare the carriage they arrived in to depart. Unfortunately, Julianne caught her dress on some hedges and knocked over some crockery while trying to traverse a short, stone wall. Isabella slipped into the shadows while Julianne, who realized she had caught the attention of the mercenaries, decided to make a scene of it to keep their attention.

Although no one could understand Ussuran, Julianne understood the meaning of their bawdy jests as they approached her. Men can be such pigs sometimes. Jacques moved closer to his wife’s location but stayed hidden in case he was needed but Julianne kept her wits about her and convinced the mercenaries she was Lady Adeliza Brosseau’s cousin, a resident of the manor, and she was searching for her personal servants. This dissuaded the brutes from making further jokes. They helped Julianne to her feet and left her to continue her search.

While this was going on, Captain Nathan Hawke and Don Diego de la Vega-Borgia took advantage of the distraction and quickly rushed to the stables via the other side of the courtyard. Inside they found an old stablehand and two stable boys. They were joined shortly after by Isabella who had completed her circuit around the smithy and into the stables from the back. The old man was a bit confused and somewhat obstinant but after some discussion (and gold coins slipped to the old man by Diego), the servants were convinced to hitch up their carriage and prepare it to leave.

Outside the stables, Julianne went on her way following the path Isabella had taken before her. It was at this moment Jacques realized he had been left alone but fate favored the young noble. From his hidden location, he spotted Captain Jean Killroy, the leader of the Ussuran mercenaries, appear. The Captain informed his men Hawke and Julianne had been spotted in the manor but had slipped away. The manor had been searched and they were no longer there. He organized the mercenaries into two squads and sent them to check the smithy and the stables. Jacques realized he needed to buy his friends more time.

Pretending to be a drunk partygoer, Jacques stumbled out into the open and intercepted the mercenaries moving towards the stables. The mercs were nonplussed and fumbled about trying to decide what to do with the drunk. One of the, a corporal, started shoving Jacques and told him to return to the party. Jacques did a good job wasting their time until Captain Killroy noticed his men were delayed and began to head in their direction. This was Jacque’s queue to leave and he began to stumble back towards the garden.

The rest of the crew, with Capt Hawke driving the carriage, burst from the stables. Jacques turned and ran for the escaping carriage, leaping to catch the helping hand of Diego. With a headstart, the carriage fled the estate and through the countryside towards Arisent. Captain Killroy ordered his men to give chase but the crew had a good headstart. The carriage has almost reached Arisent when the mercenaries caught up with them. One of the mercs moved up to attack Hawke when he caught Isabella’s blade between his ribs. A second jumped onto the carriage but was shot by Diego and slashed by Jacques. Julianne tossed pillows at the mercenaries still giving chase.

As they reached the city, Hawke took a quick turn into a narrow alley, catching bloomers hung to dry in his face for his trouble, but he managed to lengthen his lead on the mercenaries. Isabella snagged a tree branch and whipped it back to smack the next mercenary who rode by while Jacques cut down the laundry hanging between buildings to slow down the mercs even further.

Bursting from the alley, Hawke drove the carriage over a ledge and landed on a street running parallel to the main canal running through the city. One of the mercs could not negotiate the quick turn and tumbled into the water. Diego grabbed a passing post and swung around to kick one of the mercs from their horse but only manage to land in the fellow’s lap! Realizing his ally was in danger, Hawke aimed carefully and fired from long range with his flintlock pistol. His aim was true and he caught the merc between the eyes. Diego took control of the horse as the merc fell away.

With one merc still in the chase, they exited the canal street and turned onto one of the main roads heading toward the docks. The festival was still in full swing so Isabella cut one of the banners down and tried to target the merc but wrapped up Diego instead. Hawke slowed down so they could help him and Jacques finished off the merc with his blade when he got close enough.

After a good chase, the crew arrived at the docks and raced to the Ruby Star. Captain Hawke yelled for his people to cast off and the ship was quickly on its way. Sailing away from Aricent, they had survived to swash buckles another day.


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