The Zen Game Master

Meditations on the games I play and the things I geek.

7th Sea: Blood Sails – Session 7

Rebuilt Isabella Alunni and Don Diego de la Vega-Borgia. Created an ad hoc scenario in which the Ruby Star was damaged during a storm and the group took refuge on an uncharted island. The island possessed natural resources with which to repair the vessel.

However, the island was not inhabited. A vile cult of Nyarlathotep called it home and during the night they attacked the crew and kidnapped several of them. Captain Nathan Hawke led a rescue mission and confronted the cult and their leader. The battle was fierce and the heroes were victorious. They rescued their crewmates and also procured an eclectic collection of documents the leader of the cult had been hoarding.

They completed repairs to the Ruby Star and continued on their voyage.

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