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7th Sea: Blood Sails – Session 9

The journey to Five Sails continued through the Vaticine Gulf. They skillfully avoided the pirates and privateers who frequent the locale and soon found themselves approaching the city many of them called home.

They were quickly met at the docks by Patricia Moustakas, a Numa dockmaster, looking to collect fees much larger than Captain Hawke was accustomed to. He sent her on her way with no coin. It seemed much had changed since they left the city.

Off the ship, the group encountered Penya, a young boy who spoke many languages and offered his services as a guide as well as the seller of a helpful pamphlet about Five Sails. One of our heroes, I forget which one, purchased the pamphlet which was quite informative. Then Pinya showed them to a good inn owned by Ole Alensson called, “Ole’s Inn.”

Ole was a Vesten adventurer who had finally decided to settle down and retire. He bought this inn in Five Sails just under a year ago and has been doing good business ever since.

Isabella did not join them at the inn. She had other business to attend to and began looking for contacts with Sophia’s Daughters.

Julianne and Jacques-Louis took rooms at the end, accidentally paying 1 Wealth for a month’s worth of rooms. They dove into their studies and R&R from being on the ship for so long.

Captain Hawke and Don Diego went to find some fun and hire more sailors for the next leg of their voyage. Plus, they had some other goals in mind for Five Sails.

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