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Heroes Unlimited: Wolf Papa

Sometimes we all just sit around and create characters for the games we love. Even if we never plan actually to play those characters, it can be a lot of fun to roll them up. Personally, I really enjoy rolling up Heroes Unlimited characters. Heroes Unlimited is a superhero roleplaying game by Palladium Books and there really are many options packed in there. I can choose the options I want but everything can be rolled randomly and sometimes, that is the best part of the process. Rolling those dice and then see what character takes shape while I work. That is where Wolf Papa came from.

First, I have a couple of notes. I use the Attacks=Actions house rule when I play games by Palladium Books. Really, it’s just a change in terminology but that change helps players to better understand the mechanics of the game. Second, I don’t normally create gun-toting superheroes. That’s not really my style but that is where the dice took me this time so I leaned into it. I tried to stay away from creating a Punisher clone but I’m not sure how successful I was. Read on and decide for yourself.

Name: Wolf Papa

True Name: Martin Wolf

Occupation: Ex-Military, Part-Time Mechanic

Alignment: Unprincipled

Character Bio: Growing up in small town USA, Martin was always the alpha in his pack. Whether it was his siblings growing up, his friends at school, or his Army unit, he had a natural leader. It was never about being in charge, he could care less about that. It was a paternal instinct, the need to protect his people, and that went double for those who were younger than he was. Even if he wasn’t smart enough to back down sometimes. He was a tall and husky boy and surprised no one when he started taking apart engines and machines at a very young age. His mother was a mechanic and his father a farmer. Fixing stuff just came easy to him. When he graduated high school, he enlisted to see the world before he settled down as a mechanic, or farmer. He still couldn’t decide.

He served his four years (two tours in overseas wars) and started to apply his mechanical skills to the weapons he learned how to use. Soldiers aren’t supposed to modify their weapons themselves, but he couldn’t help himself. His urge to tinker was as strong as his urge to protect the people around him. He earned the nickname “Wolf Papa” from the men and women in his unit. When his first enlistment was complete, he decided he’d had enough of fighting and went home. Little did he know the trouble that was waiting for him there.

For a guy like Martin, “Supers” was something he read about in the newspapers. They all lived in the big cities, not in places like his hometown. He was shocked when he learned a plethora of “supers-villains” had rolled into town and taken over. The urban sprawl had grown too big and big city problems were starting to spread. But where were the heroes they needed to protect the people from the villains? Somehow, those folks never showed up and soon enough, Martin decided to take matters into his own hands.

He’s built the weapons and armor he needs to set things right. He even spent some cash suping up his Dodge Challenger, his mobile headquarters. Finally, he’s built a persona for himself. He needs to help the town, but he must protect his friends and family too. Time to get to work.

IQ           7                            Hit Points             17

ME         11                           S.D.C.                    54

MA         11                           Armor Rating     16 (Hard Armor)

PS           15                          Armor S.D.C.      260

PP           16                          Horror Factor     11 (+1)

PE           12

PB           8

Spd        21 (15 MPH)

Hand to Hand Combat: Martial Arts

5 Actions (+1 Action per melee round when using any type of “gun”)

+1 to initiative, +3 to Strike, +5 to Strike with Aimed Shot, +2 to Pull Punch, +3 to Parry, +3 to Dodge, +1 to Roll with Punch or Fall, +1 to Melee or Thrown Damage, +3 to Disarm on a Called Shot, +1 to Save vs Horror Factor

Weapons Proficiencies

Battle Axe +3 to Strike

Knife +3 to Throwing Strike

Modern W.P.s: Automatic Pistol, Automatic Rifle, Bolt-Action Rifle, Energy Rifle, Revolver, Shotgun, SMG

Education: Military Program (Basic) +15%

Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (upgraded with 2 Secondary Skill selections, Climbing 60%, Military Etiquette 55%, Radio: Basic 65%, Running

Secondary Skills

Auto Mechanics 40%, Body Building & Weight Lifting, Boxing, First Aid 50%, Pilot Automobile 62%, Pilot Motorcycle 64%, Prowl 30%, Swimming 55%

Weapon Related Skills

Basic Electronics 45%, Basic Mechanics 65%, Demolitions 73%, Demolitions Disposal 87%, Find Contraband & Illegal Weapons 50%, Sniper

Super Abilities: Hardware (Weapons Genius)

Make & Modify Weapons 86% (HU2E, page 132)

Recognize Weapon Quality by Sight 30% (HU2E, page 132)

Recognize Weapon Quality by Personal Examination 55% (HU2E, page 132)

Gunfighter Paired Weapons. As a single action, draw and shoot two handguns (or throw two knives) simultaneously at the same target, inflicting full damage from both weapons. Or divide the attacks between two targets (roll to attack twice, halving bonuses to strike). Parrying is not possible while two handguns are being used as paired weapons.

Quick-Draw Initiative. +1 to initiative for every 2 PP above 16.

W.P. Sharpshooting. Applies to Revolvers, Automatics Pistols, Bolt-Action Rifles, Energy Pistols, and Energy Rifles.

+1 melee action when using one of these weapon types

Can fire a two-handed weapon with one hand without penalty

Can shoot over shoulder using mirror or reflective surface with no penalty

Can shoot with no penalty while riding a horse or in a moving vehicle

Can shoot with no penalty while standing on his head or while hanging upside down

Can dodge, roll, or somersault and come up shooting with no penalty

Can ricochet shots off other surfaces with half bonus to strike but target cannot parry or dodge.


Hard Armor, A.R. 16, SDC 260, 20 lbs (stylized wolf motif)

.357 Magnum 4d6 damage

.44 Magnum 6d6 damage

9mm Pistol (2) 3d6 damage

7.5mm Rifle 5d6 damage

Mini-Flamethrower 3d6 damage, plus 60% chance of setting combustible items ablaze (6 blasts)

Homemade Grenade (10) 1d4x10 damage

Tear Gas (10), Knockout Gas (10), Smoke Grenade (10)

Battle Axe 3d6 damage

Polycarbonate Knife 1d6 damage

Ankle Holster, Belt Side Holster x 2, Military Style Shoulder Holster, Web Belt w/ Holster, Ammo Pouches (2), and Accessory Attachments (4), Magazine Clip Pouch (4 clips), Shotgun Bandolier (18 rounds), Battle Pack

Basic Lockpick Set, Binoculars (2000 ft, best magnification), Climbing Kit, Flashlight, Gas Mask, Grappling Hook & Line, Medkit, Night Sight Goggles, Walkie-Talkie (to listen to the police bands), Wire Cutters

2023 Dodge Challenger R/T

Ole Bill’s Mechanic Shop

Ole Bill has a hidden basement under his garage, something left over from the days of prohibition. He’s lent it to Martin, knowing the work the young man needs to do to protect the town. Martin has spent $70,000 of his savings from the military to outfit this workshop with a high-end computer and all the tools of the trade necessary to create weapons and armor. A tunnel wide enough for a single car leads away from the workshop and emerges in the hills outside of town.

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