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7th Sea: Blood Sails – Session 12

Empereur Leon Alexandre du Montaigne XIV was thrilled this moment had finally come to fruition. Years of planning and manipulation to bring Julianne de la Chateaux Claurent de Mont ToppinJacques-Louis de la Chateaux Claurent de Mont Toppin, and Captain Nathan Hawke together in this place at this time. Then he learned they had failed to piece together the clues to reveal his plot! He had to explain everything to them like a two-bit monologuing villain in one of those cheap romance serials the court harpies loved so much. Why was such a brilliant mind tortured by simpletons!?! Was there no one worthy to be Empereur Leon Alexandre’s greatest adversary?

First, Empereur Leon was also Captain Hawke’s Benefactor. His bastard half-brother was destined to be inconsequential, a fate unworthy of anyone sharing the empereur’s blood. So Leon had created the identity of the Benefactor to transform Hawke into a worthy adversary.

Second, his family had been watching the Claurent and Toppin families for generations. The founders of each family were the older siblings of Leon’s own ancestors. Neither sibling had wanted the throne, preferring lives as adventurers and scholars, and they abdicated to the youngest of the siblings with one caveat. If Claurent and Toppin’s families ever wished to reclaim the throne, all that was required was for their children to marry and the first child born of this union would be the new ruler of Montaigne. The pact was signed with blood magic. However, Leon the First, as conniving as any of his descendants, secretly coerced a powerful Vodacce fate witch to lay a curse upon the Claurent and Toppin families. If two of their descendants married, their marriage would be a barren one. No heir would be born to take the throne.

Leon the XIV was quite flabbergasted that his foes had not uncovered these facts before this confrontation (although it was fun to roleplay a frustrated NPC monologuing his evil plot to bring the PCs together for him to destroy).

By this time, Captain Hawke had heard enough and he saw only one way to make things right. It was time to kill Empereur Leon Alexandre du Montaigne XIV.

The swashbuckling battle ensued! Musketeers hiding in the crowd revealed themselves to protect the empereur. Captain Hawke summoned the enchanted saber he had stolen from Lord Petrus Brosseau and invoked its power for the first time, a black flame leaping from the blade. Leon XIV, a powerful and cunning duelist, and pugilist, manhandled the crew before drawing a pistol to shoot at Julianne (but Jacques-Louis leaped in front of Julianne, taking the bullet).

Don Diego de la Vega-Borgia was knocking boots with Vittoria Anselmo but the sounds of gunfire drew the rapscallion to the battle with nothing but his underpants and a sword.

The crew manipulated some of Don Constanzo Scarpa’s soldiers into the fight, but most chose to stay out of a Montaigne conflict.

Julianne rushed to Jacques-Louis’ side and used her unique abilities to heal his wounds and then helped to fight the musketeers surrounding them.

Don Diego helped his friends by skillfully cutting down chandeliers to crush the musketeers below them and then dove into the fray with his deadly blade.

Meanwhile, Isabella Alunni secured a bow and provided overwatch. Like a sniper, she picked off musketeers poised to cause grievous harm to her friends and then secretly loosed an arrow that took Servo Scarpa in the throat. They had come to the ball to affect Vodacce politics and Isabella saw no reason not to benefit from the brawl.

The tide of battle turned in the crew’s favor. Leon retreated using Porte, teleporting to his ship waiting at the docks of Five Sails but not before he delivered a portent of doom. He swore he would burn the estates of the Monte and Claurent families to the ground for this affront (ignoring the fact he was the cause of the plot and the battle).

Captain Hawke, Jacques-Louis, and Julianne teleported to the Ruby Star. Don Scarpa’s son was dead. Best not to linger where there was blame to be assigned.

Don Diego needed to retrieve his belongings and wanted to finish his “business” with Vittoria. And he did (using all the Hero Points and Raises I have left, damn it!).

Isabella also remained behind to meet with Sibilla Scarpa in secret. Now that Servo had been dispatched, Sibilla was now the heir to her father’s political position and a new powerful ally of Sophia’s Daughters. Isabella secured the alliance, gathered Don Diego, and left for the Ruby Star.

For Empereur Leon Alexandre du Montaigne XIV, this evening was a disappointment. Worst party ever…

The crew needed to decide what to do next. Empereur Leon the XIV was still close, within striking distance. They wanted more information and decided only a fate witch could answer their questions. What would they do next?

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