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7th Sea: Blood Sails – Session 13

The crew decided they needed to contact a true fate witch but not in Five Sails after the assassination of Servo ScarpaDon Constanzo Scarpa did not see Isabella loose the arrow that killed his son but it was only a matter of time before the Don’s minions began questioning everyone in attendance at the masquerade ball where the foul deed was done. The Ruby Star set sail for calmer waters. As they left port, the crew noted they did not spot any of the empereur’s usual vessels.

Julianne used the blood she shared with her mother to transport herself to her home estate via Porte. She was immediately shocked when she arrived at a freshly dug grave in her family cemetery. There were many new graves surrounding her and the air was filled with acrid smoke. In the distance, she spotted the burned ruins of her family’s chateau. Only a few servants still milled about in the wreckage trying to salvage anything they could.

Julianne rushed to them and quickly learned Empereur Leon Alexandre du Montaigne XIV’s forces attacked without warning and began cutting down every member of the family. They then burned the chateau to the ground. No one was certain of the fate of Jacques-Louis de la Chateaux Claurent de Mont Toppin’s family although messengers had been dispatched to warn them. Julianne returned to the Ruby Star with the dire news. They crew were shocked to learn what happened and Jacques swore revenge against the empereur. The rest of the crew echoed their support.

Fortunately, the crew did not have long to wait to claim their vengeance.

Talon spotted a ship following them, a larger vessel with more masts and gaining fast. Captain Hawke examined the ship with his spyglass and saw it was flying Montaigne’s colors and in command of the vessel was Penelope, former first mate of the Ruby Star before The Benefactor purchased the ship for Captain Hawke. Penelope had publicly sworn she would killed Captain Hawke and reclaim the Ruby Star which she believed should be her ship. Hawke decided he had enough for one day and he ordered the Ruby Star to come about.

Hawke aimed straight for Penelope’s ship and quickly closed the distance. At the last moment, he pulled the Ruby Star hard to port and opened fire. The tactic caught Penelope off-guard and cannon fire ripped through her vessel. But she was not without her own surprises. A port in the front of her ship opened and a single large cannon fired on the Ruby Star scoring a critical hit, and tearing down her main mast. Don Diego, who had been balanced precariously in the ship’s riggings, leapt into action to help shore up the damage. Hawke brought the Ruby Star about and ordered his crew to prepare for boarding actions.

As the ships drew close, the crew spotted a new surprise. Empereur Leon Alexandre du Montaigne XIV appeared on the deck of Penelope’s ship. He was still injured from their previous encounter but looked ready to fight. He was also surrounded by what remained of his musketeer bodyguards.

Captain Hawke, Diego, and Jacques rushed to board Penelope’s vessel while Julianne tended to the wounded crew and Isabella employed her skills with the longbow. The Empereur led his forces into the fray and the battle descended into chaos. The musketeers tried to surround the empereur. However, neither our heroes nor the empereur was interested in anything but bloodshed. Frustrated with the interfering bodyguards, the heroes focused their energies on removing the musketeers from the situation and dwindling the Montaigne riflemen who fired on the crew remaining on the Ruby Star.

In the midst of the battle, Diego was suddenly struck by Penelope’s beauty. Aw, that wonderful flaw came into play yet again. Diego recognized her entrepreneurial spirit and rushed to her, making an offer she couldn’t reasonably refuse. He was rich after all and ultimately, she was a businesswoman. A deal was quickly struck and the empereur found himself suddenly without any allies.

With the battlefield cleared, Jacques and Hawke faced off against Leon (while Isabella continued to pepper the empereur with arrows). They picked and danced around the empereur, skillfully draining Leon’s remaining strength and weakening him for the final blow. Which Hawke dramatically delivered when he buried his saber deep in Leon’s chest and through his heart, a killing blow.

With that final strike, the empereur of Montaigne was killed, the heroes were free from his machinations, and most importantly, the curse on Julianne and Jacques was lifted.

Sometime later, a mysterious figure met with a fate witch and asked her to read the fates of the now-famous heroes who ended the empereur of Montaigne.

Jacques and Julianne would have a daughter and she would become the first empress of Montaigne, uniting the country under her banner and ending the civil war that erupted when Empereur Leon was killed.

Isabella, having earned several powerful political allies, rose in prominence within Sophia’s Daughers. She became one of the most influential political powers (and spy) in all of Theah. And yes, she redeemed her father’s name.

Hawke would continue his career as a successful pirate and after a great deal of adventure would one day be named the Pirate King, the first king in centuries.

Don Diego and Penelope eventually fell in love while Diego continued to sow his oats across Theah. Don’t ask… There are a lot of children scattered across the land that share his mischievous smile. Eventually, he did return home and took up the life his parents had always intended for him. His father was the king of Castille after all and the prince had to eventually claim his throne.

But those were their eventual fates and there were more tales along the way. However, that is a story for another time.

The End

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