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Abomination Vaults – Session 2: Fly Pox!

Fireday, 28th of Lamashan, 4722 AR

  • The PCs left the ruined dining room through a door in the south wall into a ruined room turned into a maggot stable (area A05) by the mitflits.
  • A hole in the west wall opened to the Fogfen swamp outside the keep and laying across the rift was the upper half of a giant front.
  • As the PCs approached the frog remains, mudlicker maggots leaped from the corpse and attacked. The PCs quickly dispatched the larvae.
  • Examining the frog corpse, they determined it had been bitten in half by a large creature.
  • Through another door in the maggot stable, they stumbled upon the mitflit fly pen (area A06) and were attacked by two giant flies. The flies were defeated but two of them were infected with fly pox! The group decided it was a good time to retreat to Otari.
  • They went to the Dawnflower Library and met Vandy Banderdash where they secured medical treatment for fly pox. With the priest’s assistance, they were good to go by morning.
  • They also purchased potions of healing.
  • They sold the peridot bead and Konnor went to Maggs to get the “YUM!” liquid identified. She identified it as black adder poison which Konnor traded for elixirs of life.

Starday, 29th of Lamashan, 4722 AR

  • The group returned to the Gauntlight and was greeted by the mitflit guards in the gatehouse who wanted another song from Konnor. He obliged them with a performance.
  • Switching to the other side of the maggot training hall (area A04), they found mitflits playing in a sinkhole.
  • The room around the sinkhole looked like it was host to a great battle long ago.
  • The group dispatched all but one of the mitflits who yelled he was going to warn the “boss” and fled into a walkway (area A09) over the moat to another building.
  • On the walkway was a skeletal guardian in rusted armor holding a morningstar. The mitflit yelled for it to protect him but the skeleton was a ruse constructed by the mitflits to scare intruders away.
  • The PCs finished off the mitflit and prepared themselves to face the “boss.”

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