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Abomination Vaults – Session 5: Deadtide in Otari

Sunday, 30th of Lamashan, 4722 AR

  • As the sun began to rise in the east, the eerie blue light of the Gauntlight showed bright and focused on the cemetery on the western cliff overlooking Otari.
  • The dead buried there began to rise and rushed off the cliffs, falling on the roof of the Dawnflower Library below and the surrounding grounds.
  • The PCs rushed to the graveyard finding the guards who had been posted to watch for mitflit attacks instead were doing what they could to keep the undead from leaving the gated cemetery entrance.
  • A few undead did not rush off the cliff and they ambled slowly towards the PCs and the guards.
  • ShaiLu rallied the frightened guards to aid the party and the combined group used ranged attacks and smart tactics to whittle the remaining undead down.
  • Belcorra was not done having her fun. She teleported a scalathrax into the PC’s midst.
  • The group destroyed the creature, almost losing ShaiLu’s new pet, Hound, in the fray, and the Gauntlight went dark once again.
  • After the battle ended, Captain Longsaddle arrived with reinforcements. The people of Otari were frightened and dismayed to see their loved ones rise from their graves but the captain ordered them to return to their homes while the town guard saw to setting things right.
  • Captain Longsaddle took the PCs to see Mayor Oseph Menhemes who wanted answers about what was going on. Captain Longsaddle and the PCs briefed him and he offered them 50 gp each if they could ensure the Gauntlight was prevented from ever causing harm to Otari again.
  • Jorne asked about the Giant’s Wheel and the log flume coming down from the hills. Mayor Menhemes explained there were logging villages in the hills and this is how they got their lumber down to the Giant’s Wheel mill and out onto the water for shipping.
  • The group knew part of the Menhemes mansion had been turned into a museum so they did some research into Belcorra and learned a bit more about the history of her family and the awful things they did while living in Absalom.
  • The decided to wait until the next morning to return to the Gauntlight ruins.

Toilday, 1st of Neth, 4722 AR

  • They returned to the Gauntlight. The mitflits greeted them warmly but Boss Skrawng was angry they had not handled the “mushroom-headed people” yet. Trulk convinced the little mitflit to go back to his throne room without further comment.
  • Jorne opened the Gauntlight with the key he found in Belcorra’s Office (A12). Inside was a pool of fresh blood that ripped and moved like a deep pool on occasion. Even more unnerving they began to hear a heart beat within the Gauntlight.
  • They tried to damage the blood but it was impervious to their attacks and they could not get it to react further. They climbed the stairs of the lighthouse and used the same key to unlock the trapdoor at the top of the stairs.
  • In the Gauntlight Culpola, they found the source of its power, an eerie swirling blue light. After some examination, they realized they needed to examine this locale at night and for some dubious reason, Trulk thought they needed to find some silver to destroy the light.
  • They decided to explore and return to town to find some silver. They had spotted a ruined boathouse when they went to the adjoining island a couple of days prior so they went there to investigate further.
  • In the boathouse, they found evidence someone had been there that morning. By the boathouse was a small boat, a recent arrival, and markings indicating it belonged to members of the Osprey’s Club, Otari’s thieves guild.
  • Trulk found fishcakes inside the boat and while eating one, he accidentally drew the attention of the river drake they suspected was in the area.
  • The creature attacked and the group fought it briefly before retreating and returning to Otari to recover.
  • In town, they stopped by Wren’s and learned they did not need silver to harm the Gauntlight and probably should have tried attacking it while they were there. The group rest until nightfall and then set out to return to the lighthouse.


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