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Abomination Vaults – Session 6: Haunts & Morlocks

Toilday, 1st of Neth, 4722 AR

  • The mitflit guards at the gatehouse were sound asleep when the PCs returned to the Gauntlight ruins that evening.
  • The PCs noticed spectral webs decorating the ruins. Although they couldn’t interact with the webs, they did add a spooky touch to the late-night expedition.
  • The party proceeded to the Gauntlight (A11) and the blood reacted differently during the night. It rose up to take the form of Belcorra.
  • The blood creature attacked the party causing great harm before they could exorcise the haunt. The blood traveled up the Gauntlight walls and disappeared through the trapdoor in the Gauntlight cupola.
  • The group climbed into the cupola and was attacked by the blood again, this time in the form of a vampiric blood mist. At great cost to themselves, they defeated the blood a second time.
  • They investigated the cupola again and realized there was no difference in the Gauntlight at night versus the day. They had been operating on some “dubious” knowledge. The source of the lighthouse’s power was somewhere else, possibly in the dungeon hidden below the ruins.
  • They decided to finally investigate the dungeon and choose the hidden staircase in Belcorra’s Office (A12) to descend into the depths.
  • The staircase ended in an abandoned guard post (B06). They searched the room but found nothing of interest except a door leading west into a meeting room (B07).
  • The meeting room was covered in a thick layer of dust. It had been a great deal of time since anyone passed through this chamber. Another hallway led away to the south and ended in a secret door.
  • Through the secret door, the group found a large room (B08) filled with collapsed rubble. Morlock scavengers picked over a recent meal and did not notice the PCs until they were attacked and overwhelmed.
  • There were 11 doors connecting to this large room (in addition to the secret door through which they entered). Checking the two eastern doors they found empty rooms that might have once been servant’s quarters.
  • Through a set of double doors to the north, they found a long processional hallway (B21) stretching farther than they could see but they caught a glimmer of a green light outlining a door at the far end of the hallway. There was a door at the beginning of the hallway so they decided to investigate there first.
  • This door opened into a workshop (B22) where they stumbled upon two morlock engineers who proved quite troublesome. When the battle turned against the morlocks, one of them tried to flee but the PCs ran him down in the collapsed room.
  • In a side room of the workshop, they found a well. The well was too deep to see the bottom but they could hear splashing and several voices chattering at the bottom. By the well was a stack of gear including armor, swords, and other items.
  • The group decided they had enough fun for one day and retreated to Otari to rest.


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