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Abomination Vaults – Session 7: “We’re the Ghostbusters!”

Wealday, 2nd of Neth, 4722 AR

  • The group returned to the Gauntlight. They found the mitflits playing “dung ball” at the gatehouse but opted not to join. They returned to Belcorra’s Office (A12) and descended into the dungeon again.
  • In the abandoned guard post (B6), they found the door to the meeting room (B7) was closed and did not recall shutting it. They moved cautiously into the meeting room and found evidence the morlocks had found the room. Had anyone shut the secret door to the ruined servant’s rooms (B8)? Nope! It seemed the hidden rooms were no longer a secret.
  • In the servant’s room, they found the bodies of the morlocks they had slain had been removed. Instead, there was a single human body lying in the middle of the room. They approached the body and Jorne spotted a falling debris trap. He tried to disarm it but accidentally set it off.
  • With the trap sprung, a morlock engineer and a pair of morlock scavengers attacked the party. The PCs were ready and defeated the morlocks.
  • Examining the corpse, they found it had a tattoo of an osprey revealing it to be one of the thieves guild’s missing rogues.
  • The group searched the rest of the servant’s rooms for additional threats or loot but found none.
  • They moved through a southwest door into an old office (B9) and found two morlocks playing with a clockwork device. They slew one of the morlocks but the second fled through an adjoining washroom (B11) and into a cavern through a collapsed section of the washroom wall. The group decided not to pursue it.
  • Switching tactics, they returned to the workshop (B22) to find out what was beyond the locked door. They discovered a storage room turned into a makeshift prison (B24). Inside they found Ziskilly Theed, a halfling rogue and the second missing thief from the guild. She told them she and two of her friends had been tortured by the morlock king. He wanted to know who killed his morlocks. Two of her friends were killed (the fourth was taken away days ago). The PCs escorted her out of the Gauntlight dungeon and then returned to their explorations.
  • They continued up a long hallway to the north to the door with the green lights they had seen before. As they got closer, they heard ghostly whispers around them but they could not decipher what they were saying.
  • They entered the room with the glowing light and were surprised to learn it was an animated force. It formed floating letters to communicate with them and revealed it was the spirit of Otari, the original rogue from the Roseguard who died fighting Belcorra. The spirit revealed it was trapped “below” and asked them to follow it.
  • The light became a glowing ribbon that snaked its way west down an adjoining hallway, through a reception room (B31), into another hallway, and through a secret door to a staircase leading down. In the reception room, a pile of bones animated into a minotaur skeleton and attacked the party.
  • The green ribbon faded as it descended and the group decided they were not ready to descend further yet. They backtracked to a door they had passed in the long hallway and through it found a room filled with cleaning supplies. Jorne tried to pull a silver cane from the supplies and accidentally made a lot of noise.
  • The river drake they had faced before followed them into the supply room (although they had no idea where it had come from) and from an adjoining room, a demon fly person responded to the noise and attacked as well. Pressed from both sides, the battle was furious but the PCs emerged victorious in the end.
  • In a second room adjoining room, the PCs found two large automaton that no longer functioned. They extracted several valuable gems from the constructs.
  • They decided to retreat to Otari but when they returned to the long hallway, they spotted the morlock king and two of his minions moving toward them.


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