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September 2019

  • Next Campaign: Against the Giants

    Next Campaign: Against the Giants

    Playing Starfinder has been a lot of fun and I will treasure our time in the Dead Suns campaign forever. It is time to go back to our roots. I am adapting the Against the Giants series of adventures to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and I will be setting the campaign in the world… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns, Session 37

    Dead Suns, Session 37

    Admiral Serovox had employed his prodigious necromantic powers to wrestle control of the Stellar Degenerator from the Starfinders. Negative energy rippled across almost every surface of the ship and engulfed the control systems the PCs had previously been using to deploy the power of the starship against the surrounding Corpse Fleet ships. Cypher quote, “That’s… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns, Session 36

    Dead Suns, Session 36

    Watch the game session on YouTube at Corpse Fleet forces stormed the chokepoint through which the PCs had forced them to attack. Ryder, Drez, and Switch (accompanied by the two cyber-zombies) waited with tense anticipation to do everything they could to hold the line. The first wave consisted of a pair of bone trooper… Continue reading

  • Dead Suns, Session 35

    Dead Suns, Session 35

    Watch the game session on YouTube at The Starfinders began the session with a complete tactical advantage. Thanks to Wesley’s cloaking systems, the Raza had gone completely undetected as it flew by the surrounding Corpse Fleet and closed with the only open hangar bay on the Stellar Degenerator. As they approached the hangar, they… Continue reading