Against the Giants: Chapter 1, Part 11

Chunt, just because you CAN search anywhere on a dead giant doesn’t mean you should check INSIDE him.  Oh, you found a diamond… in his [what?].

Session Notes by Stephen Noa (Cara)

Prized Material Possessions
The session starts with a little background information from the PCs as they share what their most prized material possession is:

  • Theodin shares that he keeps a lock of Alaina’s hair sewn into the cuff of his robe.
  • Shadow’s favorite material object is not any of his tools of the trade. Nor is it any of his adventuring gear or trophies. His most prized material item is a necklace that once belonged to Theodin’s sister Alaina. Alaina and Shadow were very close in the early days. They were not a couple, but they were both close friends. Shadow took this necklace from her body before the party had laid her to final rest. He did not want to be disrespectful to Theodin. He never told him he did this and has never revealed he has this totem. Shadow wears this on his person always and it is never far from his heart.
  • Kargarn loves the stein that was given to him when he took his vows to follow Ninkash. He wears it on his belt at all times and frequently samples from it anytime he finds a need.
  • Chunt’s prized possession is a necklace that wraps around and lays under the thick chin beard that falls from his face and chest. It is a collection of things that represent where he has been and who he considers family. Chunt takes some time to explain the many charms on his necklace, so be sure to especially listen to the YouTube session at 7:02 when he gets to his favorite and final charm.
  • Callie reminisced about the time she awoke from death with the Goddess Yarila’s blessing and how a tree had withered and died, pouring its life force into a bow that she uses to play her violin.
  • Cara revealed a time in her past when she was being lectured by Kargan on her evil deeds and how a lifetime of repentance would still not undo the wrongs she had done when he had gotten angry and splintered off a shard from a boulder. The stone shard remarkably resembled an infinity symbol and Cara keeps the token as a reminder that it is a never-ending struggle spending one’s lifetime to atone for one’s mistakes.

Finishing the Stronghold

The adventure picks back up with the group anxiously awaiting the return of Grutha (Chief Nosn’ra’s lady giant) after Kargan had banished her to the Eleven Hells. The group looked to Kargan for an explanation as to why she had not returned, but the stumped dwarf could offer no answers leaving the mystery unsolved. As a result, the group turned their attention back to looting and searched the bodies in the room.

This turned out to be more difficult than anyone could have imagined. Not because of the loot itself, but because we apparently lost the ability to pronounce words such as “boning” and “retinue”. We’ll just leave it at that. Loot found:

  • Ioun Stone of Intellect
  • A Letter from Evander Dross detailing the plight of the Giants to gather the three relics of Wotan (with the closest one being in Baccho’s Vineyard, but a couple days travel away). The letter also mentions the Scathesidhe (Shadowfey elves) and many other historical hints prompting a large history lesson from those in the party with the knowledge of old lore. Additionally, the letter talks of the giant Rolvog – which the group deduces would be located somewhere in Jotunheim being the Lord of the Frost Giants.
  • A Diamond from inside the chief

The group decides they can get some more information from Evander by raising him from the dead, but Kargan would need a rest first. (They never revisit his body again).

Instead, the group decides to finish looting the now empty stronghold, going room by room to each place they had previously rushed past:

  • Unknown bluish liquid vial with a sliver of a fingernail
  • Vial with a clear liquid bubbling.
  • Curved Tower Shield
  • Some coins and gems

The group then leaves the stronghold and meets up with Draeven, Herzog, and the rest of the group downriver. They catch up exchanging stories while sitting down to an interesting stew prepared by Hoom. Viscount Ered asks the group to escort him to his fort which happens to be in the same direction as Baccho’s Vineyard. The adventurers agree to escort him leaving Hoom somewhat disappointed they were not going to visit the Margreve Forest. However, she does leave a boon with the group that should she run into any Piney in the future, they would help. The group gains +2 status when interacting with the Piney.

As the group rests for the evening, Theodin identifies many of the items gathered from the stronghold:

  • 11 +1 Arrows
  • +2 Spear
  • Flame-Tongued Short Sword (can detect gems and jewels within 50 feet)
  • Shield +2
  • Tower Shield +2
  • Invisibility Potion
  • Potion of Storm Giant’s Strength
  • +1 Battleaxe W/Reach (+5 feet)

In the morning, Morgan and his small troupe of dwarves depart as well as the orc band. Following farewells, the group decides to take the delicious casks of wine with them on the horses they had ridden in on so as to not waste any of it. With Chunt leading the way, they set off in the direction of Baccho’s Vineyard.

The day draws to a close and the group settles in for the night. During the second watch, Callie and Chunt notice some giants heading their way. They wake the group as they prepare for the incoming giants and battle ensues.

The adventurers are able to quickly dispatch the hill giant and two cave giants with ease and find 23 gold pieces as well as an interesting case containing a finely crafted emerald inlaid flute. Closer examination reveals it to be a Flute of the Wastelands (5 charges), which seems to randomly grant helpful and/or harmful effects when played. Curious about what effects may result, Callie decides to play a little diddy and magically casts a Prayer of Healing on the group. With that the group finishes their rest, thereby ending the night’s long rest.

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