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7th Sea: Blood Sails – Session 6

We switched from 7th Sea 1E to 2E.

Why did we move from the first edition of the game to the second? 7th Sea 1E was a great game when it was released. It’s still a good game but there are things that just didn’t work for us. I found myself reworking parts of the system and I realized, everything I wanted to change was already in 2E. So we moved over!

We spent the evening rebuilding Captain Nathan HawkeJacques-Louis de la Chateaux Claurent de Mont Toppin, and Julianne de la Chateaux Claurent de Mont Toppin for 7th Sea 2E.

Don Diego de la Vega-Borgia and Isabella Alunni still need to be worked on.

Advanced the characters 15 steps to represent the “Prelude” which is what I decided to call the story up until this moment.

The adventure resumes in one week!

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